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Run Blog: Two Days Until Ottawa Race Weekend’s Half Marathon. Eep.

Today I was busy hydrating and worrying just a little about my sore left foot. I won’t allow myself to worry a lot though, at least not about the race, because there is little more that I can do now … Continue reading

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Run Blog, Weeks 2 and 3

It has been a mixed bag for training over the last couple of weeks. A week ago Saturday I ran 15 km on the treadmill, but in the week previous to that – nothing. It had been a crazy one, … Continue reading

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Run Blog Week 1; 2011 Edition

Hey! I’m running the half marathon in Ottawa’s Race Weekend again this May and I thought I would bore you blog about training again this year. Fun, yes? I’m already in better shape this year compared to last year. I … Continue reading

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My Kids Blog for the First Time

N’s First Blog Post at Age 8: The Family 2K The Family 2K finally arrived. I felt great. I ran in Cowtopia. Me: What does that mean? We were surrounded by a whole bunch of 10-year-old girls ringing cowbells. Cowbells … Continue reading

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Saturday Evening, 7:11pm It just so happens that I started writing this blog post at exactly 7:11pm last night. My oldest daughter N was born at 7:11am, and ever since she was born, I see 7:11 on the clock at … Continue reading

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Last RunBlog – Three DAYS To Go!

People keep asking me if I’m ready. All I can answer is that I am as ready as I am going to be. Training didn’t go exactly as planned, but I did get one complete half marathon distance run done, … Continue reading

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RunBlog Weeks 10-13 – Two More Weeks To Go…

…And my training has fallen apart. I have many excuses (see for a great post on excuses), but I don’t need to bore you with my feeble reasons for missing runs. I will run in the National Capital Race Weekend … Continue reading

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RunBlog Weeks 8&9 – Five Weeks To Go!

After taking two weeks off from running because of a lovely virus that had me coughing and hacking, and then left me completely devoid of energy, I started back up on Monday with an interval run on the treadmill. I … Continue reading

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RunBlog Weeks 6&7 – Seven Weeks To Go.

It has not been a great couple of weeks for me in my preparation for my half marathon in May. The week before last I was supposed to do three runs: intervals, a tempo run and a long run. I … Continue reading

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RunBlog Week #4 and 5 – 9 Weeks to Go (Updated)

I missed writing my weekly wrap-up on my half-marathon training for last week. Training is continuing to go well and has been fairly uneventful. I completed my interval run last Wednesday and my tempo run on Friday. I did my … Continue reading

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