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Today My Baby is Nine!

Today, at 7:11 am, my baby girl turned nine years old. NINE! My beautiful N is me, inside and out. She looks like me; she acts like me; she is me in so many ways. But she is not me, … Continue reading

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Tony’s Birthday Present. NaBloPoMo Day 21

Tony’s birthday was last weekend, and the girls and I bought him a set of bike rollers as a gift. He said that riding his bike on these is like riding on sheer ice, and it took him quite a … Continue reading

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It Is the Summer of the Cannonball: A Cottage Story

Day 1 This is the fourth summer in a row that we have rented the same cottage near Maynooth, a tiny little town a half hour from Bancroft. It is the most relaxing week of my whole year and it … Continue reading

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Is what I will be turning at the end of this month. Thanks all for the guesses. @GaryChampagne got it right when he guessed 38 on Twitter; which I still am and was in the photo. It’s a funny number. … Continue reading

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Kobo! And Some More Light Summer Reading

It’s birthday month for me, and Tony gave me an early birthday present on Saturday. While I was wandering through Chapters the other day with my lovely cousin Monica who is visiting from the UK, and with my beautiful daughters … Continue reading

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Wabi Sabi, not to be confused with that new sushi restaurant

A week ago we hosted N’s eighth birthday party. N is a very crafty little girl, and the poor thing has a mother who absolutely cannot stand doing crafts. I even hated doing them when I was a kid. I … Continue reading

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