Camp Diary


Did you know that it takes a whole day to shop, launder and pack for two girls going away for 12 days of sleep-away camp? In the 30+ degree Celsius heat and the umpteenth day with no rain, I was completely exhausted and drained by the end of packing. Well worth it – bring it on.


We spent the day with friends and family and were able to enjoy our last day together before camp. I was very glad to have put in that full day of work yesterday so that we could enjoy today. I don’t want the girls’ memory of Mom to be of me being all cranky and tired.

Of course in the evening the girls couldn’t settle down to sleep, and we let them play together in Beatrice’s room until I was sure they were well and truly tired. They snuggled together in her loft bed reading the same book (can I get a collective ‘awwwwwwwww’?), then they finally made their ways to their own beds and were quiet.


Boing! Beatrice woke up at 6:15am which is really early for her. She chattered with me a mile a minute as we had breakfast and packed the last few things. Niamh and I had a moment of tears together, but Beatrice was bouncing off the walls with excitement and couldn’t wait to get going. What is it about younger siblings?

Tony reported that all went well with the drop-off and that he left behind two happy  campers. You knew I was going to say it, didn’t you?

I, after work, stopped for a manicure and pedicure, and then this evening I am going to meet a friend for coffee.  I am going to enjoy this little bit freedom, yes I am.


I stayed downtown after work, managed to finally post something new on this here blog, then went to meet up with my lovely writing group. I could get used to this.


Tony poured me a glass of wine and is now making me dinner. He wants us to go play tennis this evening. He will have to pry me off the porch. All good.


Pub dinner with Tony then on to our wine tasting course. Tonight’s topic was sparkling wines. The take-home message was to drink more of these, and not to wait for special occasions. Apparently sparkling wines go well with all sorts of foods. Of course, this information could be a little biased given the fact that this course is put on by the LCBO, and that we were tasting some very expensive bottles of wine.  Nevertheless – fun.


I went to visit a friend who needed a friend on Friday evening. A sad time.


In the morning I went and got my hair done, and in the afternoon I read, wrote, napped and relaxed. It doesn’t get much more self-indulgent that this.

I spent a lot of time wondering how the girls are doing too. I wish I could be a fly on the wall, but I am doing a really good job of not worrying about them and allowing myself to enjoy this break. It’s good for all of us. I hope that they are having as much fun as I am.

I do know that time is flying. Luckily I still have one more week to go!


About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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5 Responses to Camp Diary

  1. twohandsfull says:

    That sounds awesome. Since D2 was born my DH and I have had 3 nights (and not consecutive nights) alone together. He is 2.4yo. UGH. I am looking forward to a bit of freedom as he gets older.

  2. My three are away this week too….they got on the bus without even a wave goodbye, they were so excited to be going back to camp. Sniff sniff…my kids are so confident and independent…

    On the up side, we too have enjoyed the leisurely pace of just being on our own…will be glad to see them Saturday though.

  3. Sasha says:

    *sigh* Sounds simply lovely.

  4. Eileen says:

    I’m glad you and Tony made the most of your couple of weeks of “freedom”. Sounds as if you enjoyed every minute. And soon you’ll all be off to the cottage for your family holiday.

  5. Sid says:

    Your week sounds like bliss! I’m sure your girls are having a blast too. I’m envious of all of you: I begged to go to sleep-away camp as a kid (and boarding school, there’s definitely a theme there) but never got to go and sometimes these days I’d sell a kidney for 24 hours of not having to think about kids, laundry, dogs, bills, mice in my house, etc. Is there a sleep-away camp for mothers somewhere?

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