RunBlog 2012: Week 1

Ottawa Race Weekend is just 14 weeks away, and there are 14 weeks on my running program. This will be my third time running this race and I’m starting training at a higher level than ever before and so I’m hopeful to improve my time yet again this year. I just must not listen to that half of me that keeps telling me to sit on the couch with cheezies and red wine. I really hate her.

I have been running once a week for the last few months, usually between 13 and 15 km, and so the endurance part is going well. The problem is that I am slow as molasses, and so I have to start the interval and tempo runs NOW. Plus some strength training in the rest of my free time. Ha ha…I really crack myself up sometimes.

I worked from home one day last week which made fitting in some intervals on the treadmill a little bit easier. I was happy with how good I felt, running faster during the speed portions than when I started last year, and keeping up a slow run during the recovery sessions too. I am going to rock this half-marathon in May.

I am so glad I registered early, because this event is already sold out. I hope you signed up in time if you wanted to run.

Recently I have also added stair climbing to my training, but not really by choice. Over the last year the elevators in the building where I work have malfunctioned and have free-fallen several floors at once. Safety mechanisms did kick in, but the most recent time the elevator had fallen eight floors before they did.

So, as often as I can, I’m using the stairwell. I work on the seventh floor. Why is climbing seven floors so freaking hard if I can run 15K?


I haven’t posted a weekend running tune in a while, but during my recent intervals the song Save Tonight by Eagle-Eye Cherry came on, and I flew. I highly recommend this one for your running playlist.

Happy Trails!

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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1 Response to RunBlog 2012: Week 1

  1. Sasha says:

    Good for you on keeping it up through the winter, Finola! Looking forward to hearing about your training, maybe it will help me get my butt in gear :).

    And as far as red wine and cheezies go – just don’t do it. Really. Don’t. At least make it red wine and dark chocolate :P.

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