Would You Keep This?

This is the loft bed that we bought Beatrice for Christmas.


We may not have measured the height before we bought it. It is very…lofty.

After Tony assembled the bed on Christmas Eve, we looked at it with some dismay. It was much higher than we had thought it would be. Beatrice really doesn’t have any space to play up there, or even to sit up in bed if she wants to read.

There was nothing we could do about it on December 24th, and so we decided to see how she liked the bed when she saw it Christmas morning, with the idea that we would explain to her that if she wasn’t happy, we would happily return it and buy her one that she loved.

Christmas morning, after the presents under the tree had been opened, we sent her up to her room to “open” her last gift. When she went into her bedroom, there were a lot of squeals of delight. She was thrilled.

Beatrice is adamant that she loves her new bed and that she wants to keep it. I think that we should return it and get something lower. I am pretty sure that the novelty of this bed will wear off, and that she would be much happier in a bed that she can sit up in; somewhere where she can sit comfortably and play with her stuffed animals, and even invite a friend up for giggles and fun.

The practical mother in me also knows that I won’t be able to change the sheets on this bed and that I will make Tony do it every time. Even with a chair I can’t arrange the blankets very well up there, and the thought of climbing all the way up makes me feel claustrophobic.

Tucking her in at night, I stand on a chair, and I can only reach to kiss her good night when she leans over the rail for me. If she needs a cuddle in the night, I won’t be able to climb in with her anymore.

Even worse is the thought of her falling off a high rung in the middle of the night as she makes her sleepy way to the bathroom. I know she doesn’t wake up properly because she did in fact get out of her sister’s bottom bunk on Christmas Eve and walk right past Tony while he was in the middle of assembling the bed. She never noticed or remembered that she had seen her biggest present, even when we asked her about it the next morning.

Also? Middle of the night stomach bugs. You know what I’m talking about.

So even though the idea of disassembling and returning the bed gives me a giant headache, I think we will be doing some bed shopping during this winter break, and with luck we will find something that she loves even more.

What do you think? What would you do?

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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28 Responses to Would You Keep This?

  1. JoeGirl says:

    I am in complete agreement with you here, Fin. Take B with you to shop for the replacement. She will fall in love with another one which is more practical. Cool gift, BTW 🙂

  2. Chantal says:

    Yes I agree with all your concerns. I say return it. She will lover her replacement even more.

  3. Steve says:

    Doesn’t T own a torch?

  4. zoom says:

    Wow. What a bizarre bed. I’d return it, and let her pick out a better one. I’d be worried about her smacking her head on the ceiling when she sits up suddenly from a bad dream. Not to mention all those other things you already thought of, like changing sheets.

  5. Finola says:

    Of course he does and he would be insulted that you even asked!

    The problem is that we want to get her the desk attachment, which would mean she would have to sit on the floor to use the desk. OK for now, but when she gets as tall as N she may not like it so much.

    And thanks for doing the ski run today – hope everyone is happy!

  6. Kelley says:

    I think Tony is pretty handy and he could cut some off the bottom of each leg. Everybody’s happy! 🙂

  7. allison says:

    Angus’s is higher up than we thought it would be too, but it’s worked out. I was a little sad about not being able to climb in for a cuddle too, but my husband’s away so often and wanders around at night even when he’s home (long story) so Angus ends up in my bed often enough. We also have his old single bed underneath in a sort of L-shape (his loft is a double) and I can stand on it to tuck him in. As for changing the sheets, the deal was if he got the bed, he had to put the sheets on. Um… I’m not sure when the last time was that they were changed. 🙂

    • Finola says:

      Thanks for your perspective Allison. I’m willing to bet B’s sheets would get changed once a year whether they needed it or not.

      I think we have decided to take it back, but I appreciate knowing that it works for A.

  8. Samantha says:

    Ha, it reminds me of the above-the-cab bed in my grandparents’ RV, and my brother and I used to fight over who got to sleep up there! But realistically, it’d be going back here, that’s a bit ridiculous!

  9. Sasha says:

    Tricky – can it be altered? Ikea has another loft bed, this is the one we bought for our daughters: http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/10123996/, my sister had one and slept on it until she left for university (although it is a bit juvenile for *that*). You can’t walk around under it, but you could create a very comfortable reading nook, *maybe* even put a desk under there (not sure, would want to check out the display in-store – ours is currenly upside-down, in “low” mode). JoeGirl has a great point, if you take her shopping I’m sure that will help.

    • Finola says:

      The one we bought can’t be altered because of the desk attachment. I think the one you have is great and will last your little ones a long time, but mine are getting pretty big, and so I would ideally want a bed that will last until she moves out. We found a really nice one and it has been ordered. I can’t wait for it to come in.

  10. Gabriel... says:

    …it might be easier to just open up some space by cutting through the ceiling. However, since you asked, I’d take it back. And when I took it back I’d have to ask what family of giants was this bed meant for. Given the amount of space above the bed necessary to make it livable, I can only imagine it was meant for a room designed for an NBA player.

  11. Pauline says:

    I would definitely return it! It’s too high!

    Anyways, I hope your holidays were great and Happy New Year! 🙂

  12. Tudor says:

    Coming to this late in the game but, yes, I would return and we got our son’s “loft” bed at Simply Wood (http://www.simplywood.com/Youth.html). They have a great selection of beds that are technically lofts because they’re higher than normal and you can fit stuff under them but they’re not that “lofty”. They also sell the furniture that fits under them. In our case we bought a chest of drawers but they have bookshelves, desks that fold out sideways, etc. And even with a lower loft bed I am still a bit sad that it’s harder to climb into bed with him. Our other son has a captain’s bed (so it still has the storage under it but is regular height) and I notice we all tend to congregate in his room more for reading sessions, etc. I think it’s mostly a mom thing though because I don’t think my older son would give up his loft bed, so I guess I just have to stay flexible so I can do the acrobatic climb in and out of the bed whenever required (middle-of-the-night bad dreams…)

    • Finola says:

      Thanks Tudor. We had seen these beds at Simply Wood and really liked them. Unfortunately we tried to save a few dollars by going with the Ikea bed. In the end, you get what you pay for, and so a Maxtrix bed and desk have been ordered (from Sleepy Hollow thought). Good to know you are happy with it, other than the missed cuddles.

  13. I am claustrophobic just looking at the picture, Finola!

    I am less concerned about the height and more horrified that she’d practically be encased up there! *shudders*

    The Things share a space & bunk beds. The avid reader in the top bunk really appreciates his space. Sitting up, stretching, having a poster or treasured memento in his space up there – all really important “little” things!

    I’m so glad you decided to return the loft. I, for one, will sleep much better now! 😉

  14. Tatonka says:

    Morning- so we have the exact same bed and my 12 year old has loved it since spring 2011. Our ceilings are like yours so it’s cozy up there….but my father assures me that we can cut the legs to lower the bed a bit as my daughter grows. I know that IKEA has a new loft bed available now and this time it has a wooden frame. I don’t even want to contemplate taking this bed apart now that my daughter has completely filled in the space underneath the bed w/ her desk and a book shelf. The other reason for us getting this bed was that her bedroom was so small it makes optimum use of the space. Good luck doing what works best for your family! T

    • Finola says:

      Thanks for your comment! We saw the wooden loft bed, but it seems to be just as high, and the bed is only available in a double for now….which would definitely not fit. This bedroom is small too!

      I’m glad your daughter is happy, and I’m curious how the legs will be cut down and not affect the desk. We ended up ordering a new bed, and I will post pics when available!

  15. Danielle Renaud says:

    Our daughter HAD the exact same bed, and NO I would not keep it!!!!!! The extra space was nice, but after our first sleepover where someone fell off it, we got rid of it! Loft beds are great for space, but horrible for growing bones!!!

  16. moosilaneous says:

    So, as I’m planning a loft/bunk bed purchase, can you tell us how the new one worked out?

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