Loving the Treadmill and a Weekend Running Tune

I love my treadmill and I only occasionally hang clothes on it. Here are my top tips for you so that you can love your treadmill too.

  1. Never ever call it the dreadmill, even in jest. This just creates a negative vibe that both you and your treadmill will feel, and make no mistake, the treadmill will get you back for it.
  2. Enjoy the fact that you don’t have to carry water, energy drinks or gels with you on your long runs. You can set yourself up comfortably with everything you need right within reach. Pro tip: if you don’t have any gels in the house, chocolate works even a little bit better. Mmmm, running endorphins and chocolate makes for the best runner’s high!
  3. When you run on the treadmill, you don’t have to plan your route around the location of public bathrooms, or even worse, port-a-potties. Just sayin’. Heh. I have always wanted to say just sayin’ in a blog post. Just sayin’.
  4. If you listen to music while you run, don’t look at the time and distance display except after each song ends. This takes practice because your eyes will really want to look, but depending on the song, it isn’t unusual for a half kilometer or more to get eaten up by a good song.
  5. If you run on the treadmill during the winter months, you don’t need to shell out a lot of money on gear that ends in “-Tex” to battle the wind, rain and cold. You can wear the same things year round, AND you don’t have to worry about slipping on the ice in the winter, or getting soakers in gigantic puddles in the spring. Yes, it’s a cushy life.
  6.  Find a show on netflix and watch an entire season throughout a training season. I loved watching season 1 of The Big C last winter while training for the half marathon in May.
  7. If you’re a bit of science geek like I am, you get data! Calories burned! Kilometers! Time!
  8.  No asthma wheezing on the coldest days.
  9. You can lie to yourself and it actually works. For instance I was feeling really tired this weekend and I was supposed to run 15K. I just couldn’t face it, so I gave myself permission to do a 5K run instead. But once I was on the treadmill and I hit the 5K mark, I just kept going because, heck, I was already there and feeling all right.
  10. My absolute favourite way to pass the time though is to find a zen place in my head and just disconnect from the running and the tired. I have composed a number of blog posts and worked out problems in other pieces of writing while getting my run on. The best workouts exercise both your brain and your body! 


I won’t be telling you anything you anything that you don’t already know when I say that Adele has the most incredible voice out there right now. The whole album Rolling in the Deep is fantastic and I have bought the whole thing – something that is rare for me these days. One of my favourite songs is Someone Like You. It’s a slow song, but almost five minutes will go by and you won’t even be tempted to look at the clock until it’s over. Simply captivating.

Happy Trails!

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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11 Responses to Loving the Treadmill and a Weekend Running Tune

  1. Rob F says:

    That’s a terrific and truly motivating post. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into getting a treadmill for this cold-weather running, I must say. I only wish I had more space.

  2. Finola says:

    I hope you can fit one in because it helps so much for winter running. Mine is squished into a corner in my basement, but it is still cozy and comfortable.
    Thanks for the comment Rob and perhaps we will cross paths over the holidays sometime?!

  3. Sid says:

    Oh, I’m definitely missing my gym membership and treadmill/cable tv hook-up this time of year.

    Aside from escaping the grim weather, I also always enjoyed the fact that I could control how masochistic I wanted to be with the push of a button. It’s hard to find good hills in Ottawa but on a treadmill you can make yourself climb Everest if you so desire 🙂

  4. Sasha says:

    My only access to the treadmill is at the gym. Do you think people would look at me funny if I bring chocolate? I worry about these things. Just sayin’

  5. Sasha says:

    PS. Did you like how I managed to avoid comment-bombing you by tweet-bombing you instead??

  6. Sasha says:

    Oh, wait a sec….

  7. Pauline says:

    Great tips! We would get a treadmill, but I have flat feet which makes running really hard on my ankles. But I’m hoping my shoe inserts and an eliptical will help my feet and ankles and help me stay in shape!

    • Sid says:

      Pauline: if I may offer you some unsoliticed advice, I’ve got flat feet like a duck and have found running in “barefoot” or minimalist shoes (I have vibrams five fingers but there are a ton of options) has done more to help my foot/ankle/knee issues than any of the fancy orthopedic solutions I tried before.

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