Water and a Social Media Tantrum

I had a social media tantrum on Friday evening, and it felt gooooood.

Our street and many streets around us have been having their water and sewer mains replaced all summer. It has been barrels of fun.

It was awesome not being able to park in our driveway for six weeks.
Grocery day was particularly fun!

The mud has been particularly enjoyable for our daughters…
 but even more so for Tony and me. We have had some real quality couple time
 cleaning up the cakes of mud from boots, hair, floors, hallways, stairs, walls,
the bathroom, and then finally the bathtub.

Three separate times over the summer we have come home from work to find no running water in the house. The last time this happened we called the city and then waited and waited and then waited some more. After calling back several times, someone finally arrived at our house at 9:00 pm to tell us there was nothing to be done until the contracters came back the next day. We had no water overnight, and as we have young-ish children, this was also super fun. Good times!

So on Friday when I got home to find that once again that we had no water, I phoned 311 to report it, but then I was feeling punchy and so I decided to throw a social media tantrum. Twitter, Facebook and email were all whirring from my computer, and now a couple of days later, from my blog as well. I tagged my city councillor, the mayor and as many email addresses as I could from the contractor who has been doing the work. My fingers tapped tapped tapped away. I was exasperated, imagining another long wait into the night to be told that we wouldn’t get water until the next day at best, and at worst on Monday.

But! At 6:30 pm, city councillor Katherine Hobbs replied to both my email and my tweets. (Thank you Katherine for being so responsive every time we have contacted you!) She told me that six people from my street had called the city with no water that evening, and that the city truck would be at my house within the half hour. I looked out my window, and behold! There it was.

The city worker turned on our water from the standpipe (I’m learning the lingo) and explained that they had disconnected us from the temporary water lines earlier that day and they had reconnected our house to the watermain. They had intentionally not opened this valve though because apparently they cannot do so when no one is home.

Why was there no plan in place for the water to be turned on for we poor working folk as soon as we arrived home at the end of a long week? Why was there no letter telling us what needed to be done so that six individual homes had to phone and wonder what had gone wrong? I am shaking my head at the mismanagement, but I am grateful to have clean water in my house, so there is that.

As for my social media blitz, who knows if it did any good, but I believe that it did make things move faster than they would have otherwise. I also felt like I had a voice that could be heard in a crowd – something that can be difficult for me. Social media is powerful and empowering. Please use it wisely.

 Toodle pip!

P.S. I need to shout out to Andrew, the poor lone contractor who walked past my house at just the wrong time after all the other workers had gone home for the day. He heard me plead my case, called the foreman, checked the water lines, and was kind and empathetic. He really wanted to help, but in the end there was nothing he could do. Thank you Andrew.

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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5 Responses to Water and a Social Media Tantrum

  1. Laura says:

    Welcome to WordPress Finola!!! Love the new clean look and can’t wait to see your creative stamp as you customize the pages to suit your “brand”. (All that lunch talk went to my head!) Also, well done with your use of social media to problems solve.

  2. Capital Mom says:

    That is brutal. But thank you for the post. It reminded me that our water is getting turned off one day this week. Now if only I could remember which day.

  3. Welcome to WordPress! I have always loved it here. As for your social media tantrum, is there any other kind of tantrum that’s perfectly acceptable for adults? Don’t think so. So, tantrum away! Get things done!

  4. zoom says:

    Good for you, both for switching to WordPress and getting water. Back in the olden days women had to walk down to the river with buckets and lug them back in order to get water for their families. Now they have to make a bunch of virtual noise!

  5. alison says:

    I was exhausted and cranky just reading that. I’m glad your tantrum got some results.

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