Sisters, Apples, and a Little Ennui

Where to start?

Back to school time is a little overwhelming for all of us around here, and so the last couple of weeks have been mentally exhausting. Getting everyone organized, back into the homework routines, dealing with both the happiness and disappointments of classroom and teacher assignments have made my daughters and I very tired. And as usual, these daughters of mine always surprise me. The child who usually makes me worry more had a seamless re-entry into school; her younger sister who embraces everything new is the one who had a bumpy start to being back. Separated from her friends and getting a new teacher who is lovely, but not quite as gentle as B is used to, has caused my little one to be a little uncertain for the first time…maybe ever.

But then something super sweet and special happened. Driving home from my Mom’s on Saturday, (Hi Mom!), B was talking about how she was having trouble negotiating her friendships in the school yard, and big sister N started giving her some advice – including examples of how she had handled it when she had been on the outs with some of her friends. And I kept quiet and let them talk this one through, because they were doing just fine on their own. Sister win.


Tony has been travelling again, and it is amazing how easy it is now to handle everything on my own now that the girls are getting bigger. When they were younger, it was so hard when Tony was away that I would count down the hours until he returned. Now the girls are independent, and also pretty darned reasonable most of the time, that it has become awfully nice to have some time with just me and the girls.

Saturday we made smoothies, cleaned our rooms, went apple picking with a few other families, and then let my Mom feed us dinner. Tomorrow will be grocery shopping, laundry, homework, and of course, baking with apples. The day will go well, and I will enjoy it.

On a side note, Kilmarnock Orchards is a bit of hike, but well worth the drive. What an absolutely perfect spot.


I have been feeling a little bit of social media ennui lately. Twitter, Facebook, blogging, these have all fallen by the wayside just a little bit. I’m just having a hard time keeping up with it all, and I wonder sometimes about my priorities. I feel like maybe I should be spending more time writing fiction, exercising, cooking, and getting the house organized. I also feel like I have very little to say just now. Though that never stopped me before, ha.

Is anyone else feeling this way?

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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7 Responses to Sisters, Apples, and a Little Ennui

  1. zoom says:

    Me too. I feel like I haven't much to say and I'd rather not try too hard to think of something. On the other hand, I have no desire to give up blogging altogether, because of all the human connections that flow from it. So I'm just blogging less these days, and not putting much pressure on myself to blog more than I do. (I'm still a pinning fiend on Pinterest though. Are you on Pinterest?)

  2. Lynn says:

    Me too. I'm up on my blog *reading*, but the production has trickled off. I usually find, though, with the blog that it comes and goes. Some weeks I'll post four or five times, other times not at all. Right now I'm at a bit of an ebb…but I know it'll come back.

  3. Capital Mom says:

    Ya to the sister win. And also the fiction writing.

  4. Bibliomama says:

    Yes, the September ennui – intellectually I look forward to getting back into the routine, but emotionally I feel lost and bewildered. We lucked out big time on teachers this year – so sweet with the sister win. My husband's away a lot right now too and OH HELL YES it's hugely easier now that they're bigger. I just made my son howl with laughter with the 'after a shower I get to sniff you all over' rule. 🙂

  5. Karen says:

    Yes, I've struggled for months with what to say and with getting any blogs read. I'm finally coming out of it. But you may not want to if you're wanting to write some fiction, which I think would be totally amazing, though I love reading your blog too. 🙂

  6. Sasha says:

    That is such a sweet story Finola, thank-you for sharing it. That's exactly what I hope my daughters will be able to do for each other some day.

    I can identify with the social media ennui, although for me I think it's more a general sense of ennui that's getting in the way of pretty much everything. But don't say you'll stop blogging. Please.

  7. Overwhelming..? You are so nice. I think the word that really describes back to school is crazy. And that's okay too – September eventually settles down into new routines and if you have time to pick and bake apples, you are obviously managing with style. Lucky us – we only have to wander into the back orchard to get apples – and the girls picked so many even they are getting tired of apple desserts.

    Like you I'm struggling at times to keep up with blogging. I go through phases, depending on my week. And I do find that social media does stretch me thin at times. There is so much to keep up with. THe blogging relaxes me though. Kind of my adult version of keeping a journal. And reading blogs – I wish I had more time, but I do enjoy the ones I see. My goal this fall is to read some new ones too.

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