My first attempt at writing a September 11 post was so woefully inadequate that I trashed it. I could not find the right words at all.

Then my imagination went into overdrive, as it so often does, and a thought hit me: what would it have been like if Twitter and smart phones had existed ten years ago?

Oh my God.

We would have been glued to not just the images on television, but the live twitter stream, the actual people.

There would have been hashtags to follow.

Twitter is instant and powerful. Would information have spread fast enough to change anything? Cell phones made a difference that day. It is not impossible.

The tweets might have been preserved and posted somewhere, just as the names of the people are today.

Today I am remembering and trying not to imagine the unimaginable.

Peace to you all today and every day.

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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2 Responses to Unimaginable

  1. Karen says:

    I've been thinking about twitter in relation to 9/11 a lot this week – Facebook too. I think I'm glad they weren't around. Things were so chaotic and scary back then already and knowing how misinformation is so easily spread, I wonder if twitter might have been a hindrance to restoring order rather than a way to deliver accurate, real-time information.

    I also suspect that – and I truly don't say this jokingly – twitter can't handle an event like 9/11 without crashing badly.

  2. I too found it hard to put anything into words on 9/11, even in my own head. THe other week at the cottage, my son was reading SCientific America which had an article about how 9/11 changed architecture and he asked “What's 9/11?” I have told him about the world wars and all kinds of other history, but had never mentioned 9/11 and I wonder if it is because it is still so fresh, so recent that it is unfathonable to me.

    You make some interesting points about social media and the role it might have/could have played.

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