Mama Bear

I yelled at a complete stranger last Tuesday morning.

I had just seen a very small boy of about two or three years old running towards the busy two-laned road that I was driving on at rush hour. His nonchalant parent or guardian glanced over but didn’t react at all to him standing right at the very edge of the road. The car in front of me braked hard and crept past him as he stood, and I slowed to a crawl and thought quickly about what I would do.

I honked, hard, hoping to scare the boy away from the road. I yelled at the woman to WATCH HIM. And I pointed at the little boy.

I may come across as sweet and nice most of the time, but when I see an adult putting a child in danger or at risk, my response is visceral and I cannot hold back. I believe this is called the mama bear syndrome. The mama bear in me escaped from my mild-mannered self and I yelled, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I don’t even need a phone booth to transform into mama bear. But I would like a cape. And maybe some fancy tights too.

What would you have done?

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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9 Responses to Mama Bear

  1. wratwrds says:

    I would do the very same thing. Every single time. Good for you!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    One cape and one pair of fancy tights on the way… 😉

  3. Sasha says:

    Exactly the same thing. You go, mama!

    Oh, and can I say that, if you want to get people's attention (readers', that is), the image of you yelling is an excellent hook ;).

  4. I'd like to think that I would have done the same thing, and not been paralyzed by the desire to do something but fear of the outcome. Did she react at all?

    I'm glad you yelled!

  5. Alicia says:

    The exact same thing! That must have been scary!

  6. capitalmom says:

    Usually I am on the other side of the car. I have lost track fo the number of times I have almost been hit walking with the kids or pushing the stroller. I always yell at the car (so far I have left out the profanity). I wold also like to carry around eggs so I could throw it at the car and really make my point.

  7. Finola says:

    Wratwrds, Thanks, it's nice to hear that you would do the same.

    Anonymous, Thanks! I'm still waiting…

    Sasha, Thanks…and I yell at strangers more than people might think. You should see me on my bike!

    lilbunnyrabbitz, She did react actually, but she looked confused. Since I was in the car, it was a very short moment for engagement, unfortunately.

    Alicia, It was scary. And it really upset me for the day.

    Capital Mom, I am a big time pedestrian and cyclist, and I totally get it. I do tend to yell at cars a fair bit when I'm on my bike too.

  8. I did the exact same thing the other day! It was an older boy with two younger kids. He took off and ran across the road when there was a break in traffic. And then the younger ones ambled after him, slowly and there they were right in front of traffic waiting for a terrible accident. After all the screeching of traffic was over and all the kids were on the other side, the older boy and the young ones were laughing. I yelled over to him “That's not funny! You almost got your little brothers killed!” It probably made no difference to him by the way he shrugged me off, but maybe later it might have sunk in that it was not indeed funny.

  9. Finola says:

    Julie, That is so scary and I am willing to bet the oldest boy realized later how foolish and dangerous he was.

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