As in not a C on my French exam





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I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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11 Responses to B

  1. gryph07 says:

    Oh no, I'm sorry Fin. You'll get it next time – at least you can retest in 30 days, right?


  2. Tamara says:

    I've only been through the testing once (B on oral for me too) and I've heard from others that achieving the C mark is a pain, mostly because you don't get enough feedback to figure out where to improve.

    Good luck with your next try!

  3. Boo. Sorry you didn't get your C. You will next time!

  4. ezmy says:

    B is for Boo. Boo to no C. Next time!!

  5. zoom says:

    Merde! I'm sorry, Finola. Don't give up, you'll get it next time.

  6. Liisa says:

    I say F to that, as in F blank blank K.

    I'm sure that even though they probably say it's all the same, the day, the tester, and the questions may have an impact so go for it again as soon as you can!

  7. Capital Mom says:

    Yuck. What a disappointment.

  8. B….ummer! Way way better than I'd have done though.

  9. Pauline says:

    Aww, sorry about that! They really make these damn tests FAR too difficult!

    Better luck next time! 🙂

  10. Don't give up Finola – you can do it!!!!

  11. Oh no! I'm so sorry Finola! Keep your chin up!

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