Today My Baby is Nine!

Today, at 7:11 am, my baby girl turned nine years old. NINE!

My beautiful N is me, inside and out. She looks like me; she acts like me; she is me in so many ways.

But she is not me, and whenever I see evidence of this, I stop and scratch my head and think to myself, wait a minute – that isn’t right. For instance, N is adventurous. She loves to plummet down a ski hill or ride her mountain bike down rocky terrain. She has a good sense of direction. She is interested in space. She is artistic. She is a lousy speller.

Because N and I are so alike, I feel a certain connection with her that I don’t share with anyone else. I only need to glance in her direction to understand and feel everything that she is feeling. When she is sad, I am sadder. When she hurts, I hurt more. When she is happy I am positively joyful. Being a parent to her is easy in some ways because I usually know exactly what she needs, but I also need to be very careful not to transfer some of my anxieties and fears to her – things that have shaped me from my experiences but that don’t need to affect her too.

N is a complicated girl. She is an old soul and looks and acts much more grown up than she is. She is perfectly content to be on her own, but is at ease with a small group of friends too. She already enjoys dressing in black and heading upstairs to her bedroom and closing her door for long periods of time. She feels everything very intensely. She is lovely, gentle, thoughtful, and introspective.

I am so very proud of my nine-year-old and I feel lucky to be her Mom. I learn from her every day and I am so enjoying watching her grow. I can already see in her the adult she will become; the adult who will be one of my very best friends, always.

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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8 Responses to Today My Baby is Nine!

  1. Sid. says:

    Happy Birthday! to your daughter. It must be such a weird sense of near-deja-vu to have a child so similar to you. Good for you for being aware enough to try not to transfer your own issues to her.

  2. Eileen says:

    A million happy birthdays to my darling granddaughter, N. I remember so clearly going to the Civic Hospital the day she was born, and marvelling at this tiny baby who had come into our lives.

    I remember too looking at her beautiful mother, and thinking that now my baby was a mother herself. I remember the pride and joy Tony showed as he took her from her cradle and put her into my arms.

    A wonderful day.

  3. JoeGirl says:

    Wow, Eileen… Fin’s post brought me to a highly emotional state, but your comment turned on the tap of tears. What a lovely sentiment from a Grandmother.

    Beautiful post, Finola ❤

  4. Gwen says:

    That was wonderful. Truly. She will have those words forever. N sounds absolutely wonderful, but seeing her through your eyes is touching. Your pride and love come through so clearly. Is this hereditary because your Mum's comment was perfect, too! It's funny because we hear about diseases or negative characteristics that are passed down from generation to generation. Your family seems to pass down acceptance and love. Lucky you!!!!

    Happy Birthday, N!

  5. zoom says:

    Wow. Lucky you and lucky N, too.

    Also – this is important – she shares her birthday with Janis Joplin and Dolly Parton.

  6. Finola says:

    Sid, Well I am trying not to transfer my issues. Thanks for the kind wishes.

    Eileen (Hi Mom!), Thank you so much for your thoughtful and loving commment. It means an awful lot to me.

    Joe, Lovely comments to me and my Mom. Thank you.

    Gwen, I really like what you said about passing down the acceptance and love in our family. I hope I can remember that in the future too.

    Zoom, Thank you. I will pull up some YouTube videos of Dolly and Janis to show her!

  7. Sara says:

    Happy birthday to your darling daughter! I feel much the same about my soon to be five year old. He's like a mini-me 😉

  8. Lynn says:

    Happy birthday to N! You're a really great mom to know your daughter so well :).

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