A Few Thoughts on Christmas

It has been a good Christmas here, overall, in the end. Some thoughts:

I had a lot of trouble leading up to Christmas this year. I was not in the spirit of shopping or preparing. I was grateful that my oven was broken so that I had an excuse not to bake. A couple of years ago I had sworn that I would never do last minute shopping again, and yet this year in the week before Christmas I was still scrambling. Everything was last minute and I found myself being in a humbug state of mind.

It started to turn around for me on Christmas Eve Eve when I stayed home to wrap presents while Tony took the girls out caroling with the neighbours. Instead of freezing my a** off at an outdoor party, I played some music, poured some wine, and wrapped like I had never wrapped before. It was peaceful and it felt good.

The next day was Christmas Eve, which is ‘bring your kids to work day’ in government offices. I was proud to bring my girls in and show them off, and they were excited to come with me. They loved the bus, going out for breakfast with my colleagues, getting a present from Santa, and then heading home at noon. Yes, it was a productive work day.

Once home, Tony and I had only a few preparations to make for hosting a simple Christmas Eve meal with his grandmother. It was a quiet and relaxing night, and for the first time in a few Christmases, I felt present. My brain wasn’t skipping ahead and thinking about all of the things that needed to be done so that I missed the moments.

B has been saying that she wanted a Wii for a while now, and Tony and I thought that with the girls being six and eight that it was a good time to get one. My Mom said that she would get us the Wii, games and accessories for a family gift (Thanks Mom!). On Christmas Eve, B was looking at all of the wrapped parcels under our tree, trying to figure out which one was the Wii as she was sure she would be getting one. Since the game was safely wrapped up and waiting for her at my Mom’s house and not ours, I had to struggle with balancing not spoiling my Mom’s surprise with not having a disappointed girl on Christmas morning. I told her that I was pretty sure that there was no Wii under our tree, but not to forget that she still had other people who would be giving her gifts. I’m not too sure if I handled this in the best way, but there was no disappointment on Christmas morning, and there was great joy at my Mom’s house in the afternoon, so I’m going to call it a win.

Today we went for a family skate at the local rink, then back home for hot chocolate and more Wii. Over the next few days we have more visits with friends and family, more skating, and some skiing. I have been enjoying watching my girls stick to my brother like glue while he and Tamara are home from Cambridge Bay Nunavut for the holidays, and it has been especially funny and disturbing watching my six-year-old obliterating her uncle in Wii sword fighting. Yikes. For the next few days I would like to keep taking it easy, reading, watching movies and spending time with people that make me feel good. These days in between Christmas and New Year’s are for relaxing, resting and recovering from the chaos that is December.

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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2 Responses to A Few Thoughts on Christmas

  1. For me, Christmas Eve is the best day of the year. Everything is done (well, mostly), the excitement is thick enough to slice, and there is that lovely lovely sense of anticipation, of being on the edge of something magical.

    And I love this week, in between Christmas and New Years. Sort of a lull before reality kicks in again.

    I have to get that wii swordfighting game. Sounds great.

    Best of the season to you all.

  2. Laura says:

    Merry Christmas Finola. We do not have a Wii – but we LOVE playing it. So much fun!

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