A Lawlor Wedding. NaBloPoMo Day 28

We went to the most beautiful Irish wedding last night and I am not going to be able to do justice to just how special this couple is, or how perfect their wedding was, in this blog post. You know when you go to a wedding and you just know that this couple was meant to be together? This was my cousin Aisling and Sean‘s wedding. From the way they looked at each other, to every word that they spoke to each other, to the words their parents, family and friends said to them and about them throughout the evening, it is clear this marriage will last. Aisling and Sean were meant to be together.

Tony and I enjoyed every minute of our afternoon and evening. We haven’t had a night out like that in a long time. We cannot remember the last time we went ten hours with no children, or the last time we got all dressed up, or the last time we sat for a relaxing many-coursed meal. And after all of that, we danced. It really has been a long time. The night made me think back a lot to our own wedding, because on that day, everyone said the same about us that they were saying about Aisling and Sean – that we were meant to be together and that our marriage would last.

Aisling’s sister Kelley’s speech resonated the most with me, and there were two main things that she said that have been sitting with me since last night. She said that when life gets really busy and stressful with housework, laundry and children, remember back to this day. Look at the other, and remember the feelings that you had for each other on your wedding day, and bring forth the love that you felt. I am going to bring this advice into my own home, as I worry about all of the things that need to get done today. After fourteen years of marriage, Tony and I are in the height of those stressful years that Kelley talked about, but we are here together, and we will keep this marriage and family going, together.

The second thing that she said, was that the Lawlor women are loving and compassionate, and also smart, strong and highly independent. You do not mess with a Lawlor woman. Throughout the evening, people kept asking Tony did he realize how lucky he was to have married into such good stock. I thought about this throughout the evening and still this morning. Spending the evening with Aisling, Mary, Kelley and Doireann, I was one of them. I was connected to them. I was strong like them. Lately I feel like I have lost a some of this strength in the busy-ness of my life, but it is still there and I am working to bring it back to the forefront. And even though it was my first time meeting two of these beautiful Lawlor women, they are my family and we are the same (Mom, Ursula, Monica – you are included in this and you were there with me last night too).

Doireann, Aisling, Mary, me, Kelley

I feel very lucky today. I wish Aisling and Sean every happines. It was an honour to witness their love yesterday.

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I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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4 Responses to A Lawlor Wedding. NaBloPoMo Day 28

  1. Chantal says:

    It is true, I am so caught up in the stress of parenting a baby that I am forgetting the good stuff. I hope I can recapture some of that soon. We have a Christmas party to attend on the 18th and it is my mission to make sure my MIL can babysit. DH and I need a night out big time!

  2. Eileen says:

    What a lovely tribute Kelley paid to the women of her family. I'm so looking forward to seeing them all again tomorrow. It's been a long time. They are a very special group of people.

  3. Mary Lynn says:

    Glad you had a great time at the wedding. Great to have a night that is so enjoyable, and that helps you realize just how much is good in your life.

  4. Sid. says:

    Looks like a beautiful wedding. I am seething with envy that you got to have a sit-down multicourse meal sans kids. I think I miss unrushed meals more than sleep.

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