A Few Things Over Two Days: NaBloPoMo Day 5

I am participating in National Blog Posting Month, NaBloPoMo, where I will be posting every day in the month of November

I am really confused right now. It is Thursday. When my alarm clock went off this morning, it read 6:00 am. I heard my six-year-old on the stairs and I asked her what she was doing up so early. She informed me that no, it was in fact 7:00 am. I checked my watch and she was absolutely correct, and I was an hour later than usual getting out of bed. It seems that my alarm clock adjusted itself to daylight saving time last weekend instead of this weekend. This in itself is not surprising because a few years ago we used to change the clocks a week earlier than we do now.

What I cannot understand is how I did I get up on time Monday Tuesday and Wednesday this week??


Yesterday on the bus going home there was a woman sitting near me who looked a lot like Twitter acquaintance @szhamu. We got off the bus and I asked if it was indeed her. She was sweet and friendly, but no it was not who I thought, but she did tell me what her name was. We ended up talking and walking together for a few minutes until I turned off from our route. Even though it was a short, and likely insignificant interaction in her mind, she kind of made my day. She was so easy to talk to and she welcomed being approached by a stranger, and I think we could have talked all afternoon given the chance. So, Jenny, I just wanted to say that it was very nice to meet you yesterday.


This morning on my bus going in to work, the woman in front of me was reading a newspaper. A man standing in the aisle just in front of her was bent over nearly double, reading an article on the other side of her newspaper. I loved how unselfconsciously he was positioned to get a good view of the article. He didn’t budge until after she moved to fold up her paper to get off the bus. I am pretty sure that she never even noticed him.

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I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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4 Responses to A Few Things Over Two Days: NaBloPoMo Day 5

  1. It's so refreshing to know there is someone in the world who is as confused as I am…I woke up this morning and thought it was too dark to be as late as it was, and we were late for the school bus. Made it JUST!

  2. Sid. says:

    That's funny about seeing someone you thought you knew from online. Just the other day I was in an elevator full of people and thinking: “I wonder how many of them have blogs/twitter feeds/etc.” It's like a whole other life beneath the surface.

  3. Finola says:

    Denise, This is a hard time of year with the short days and the clocks changing. Glad you made the bus!

    Sid, I wonder that a lot too when I'm watching people on the bus with their iPhones and Blackberries. Just one time when I introduced myself to someone, they told me that they knew my name and read my blog. That one made my day!

  4. Lucy says:

    Hi Finola, I'm not a regular reader but occasionally browse through your blog since it's linked from some of the other local blogs. I couldn't resist commenting about your alarm clock issue: I think we must have the same clock. I think that your clock is supposed to adjust for the end of DST automatically, but it has the wrong date programmed into it for the switch from DST back to EST. So it probably swtiched back to EST not a week early, but 3 days early, on Thurs Nov 4. That would explain why it woke you up at the correct time on Mon-Wed, but at the wrong time on Thurs. I had the same problem; my alarm clock switched back to EST on Friday Nov 5. My son woke up at 6 and called out to me from his room and I opened my eyes, looked at my clock, saw it said 5 and told him to go back to sleep. Then an hour later my clock got to 6 AM and the alarm went off, I got up and we got ready to go out. I was pleassantly surprised to see it was brighter outside than normal, but I didn't think much of it and also I didn't notice my watch and other clocks all said 7, not 6. In fact I was listening to the CBC in the kitchen as usual and I didn't even notice that the programmes were wrong for the time I thought it was. It was only when I started my car I noticed that the clock in my car was an hour later than I thought it should be, and as I was driving I noticed it was really abnormally bright out and there were no school buses on the road. So I ended up dropping my son at school an hour late, feeling quite silly explaining to the people in the office why he was late, and I got to work an hour late. Fortunately I have a flexible work schedule and didn't have anything pressing to do that morning, but I was so confused that I felt completely disoriented all day.

    Then when I got home I reset my clock back an hour and then manually set it forward on Sunday morning. I have to fix the problem (correct the DST end/start dates, assuming it allows that) before spring. You should probably check your clock as well.

    I am amused to note that the same thing happened to someone else! 😀 But you are lucky that your daughter insisted on correcting you instead of believing you and going back to bed, as my son did, and that you actually noticed the correct time on your watch, which I didn't!

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