September Wrap-Up

Since it is nearing the end of October, I guess it is time that I got around to doing my September wrap-up. Here is how I did on my To Do List from last month.

1. With the cooler weather arriving and wonderful vegetables available in the farmer’s markets, I am going to make soup. I make a really good butternut squash soup, and also a nice leak and potato. Mmmm, soup.

Wow. I don’t even know what to say except where did the time go? I have gorgeous leeks from the market chopped and waiting for me in the freezer, and I have potatoes too that will still be good, but I have not done the assembly yet. I am hanging my head in shame now. (0)

2. I’m going to repeat my second item on my list from the summer and figure out my exercise programs. I still belong to Goodlife, but recently I had an excellent workout with JoeGirl at Marshall’s new gym in Hintonburg. I also need to bring up my running again, because I think I would like to do the half marathon again next May. I will also be participating in the Run for the Cure on Laurie’s No Pink for Profit team, and I am so excited to be running with some amazing women in that race.

No Pink for Profit raised…wait for it…$18,900 via online donations only. If you include the paper forms as well I believe we were around $25,000 (can anyone confirm the final count?) Congratulations to Laurie who pulled us all together – I was very proud to be on her team and I will jump at the chance to do it again next year. Thank you to those of you who donated, both on my personal donation page, and to everyone on our team. You guys totally rock!

Also, I have decided to join Marshall’s gym. I will be going in next week to make it official, and I am so excited to get started.

AND, I finally bought the treadmill that I have always wanted. Yes, I am even using it for running and not for hanging clothes upon (for the few of you who doubted me!). This morning my goal was to run 11K, and I set up the iP*d with a movie. I finished my 11K, and I was really enjoying the movie, so I kept walking until it was over. 14K done. (1)

3. It’s back to school time and the girls will be meeting up with all of their friends again, and I would like to do that too. I’m going to try to go for two beverage meet-ups with friends, and perhaps even more since there is a long list of people who I would like to spend some time with.

My lovely friend Joanne came over for drinks one evening, and we had just the best talk. Boy, did I spill that night. Luckily what is said in my living room, stays in my living room. I am so looking forward to seeing her as she tortures me trains me at Marshall’s.

I also had drinks one night with one of my sweetest friends. It was long overdue and as always it made my day to spend time with him. On top of that, I even went to a couple of bloggy events, and learned that I will never get rich with via the ads on my blog. (1)

4. Basement blog post. You’re going to see it as it is. I’ll tidy, but that’s it.

Done. Not technically in September, but done nevertheless. (1)

5. An evening out. I will rope my Dad into babysitting one last time before he leaves for his winter in Florida.

Hmmm. Nope. (0)

6. Apple picking with the family.

We spent a gorgeous Saturday afternoon at the Dekok farm. We went on the hay ride to the orchard, picked apples, fed the animals, and played in the hay bales. It was delightful. We ate apples for a couple of weeks afterwards, and I baked apple crumble and apple muffins during a very short-lasting domestic spurt. (1)

7. Keep riding my bike as much as I can to work in September.

I can’t be the only who noticed that it rained throughout most of September, right? I failed miserably at this one and I am completely fine with that. (0)

8. Get my front garden reorganized. We are removing a big flower bed which now takes up almost all of our front yard. We are not gardeners and can’t keep up with the speed-growing that our perennials have been doing. We will keep some things and move them around, and plant grass in front so the girls have somewhere to play.

The plants have all found new homes, and the grass seed has been planted, with some crocus bulbs added to the mix for good measure. So far no grass, so next spring could be a very muddy one in our front yard. Still, done! (1)

9. Embrace the back-to-school routines. We all could use this structure back in our lives. Be supportive to the girls so that they enjoy getting back into it all.

School paperwork completed, homework being done, cereal boxes gathered, photos sent in, healthy lunches packed, good teachers, friends in their classes – we are off to a great start to this school year. Both girls are happy to go to school every day and when we talk about our favourite parts of the day at bedtime, they almost always tell me that it was school. (1)

10. Pick one cupboard or drawer and organize it. Baby steps; there is much de-cluttering to be done around here.

I sorted out my dresser and one kitchen cupboard. The cupboard was done in desperation one evening as I was desperately searching for tomato sauce, but I’m still counting this as a win. (1)

Seven out of ten, or 70%. I can live with this because we got quite a few things accomplished, but I am pretty disappointed about the soup. It is going on next month’s list for sure. Now, since it is so close to the end of October, I am going to make up my next list with the deadline being the end of November.

To accomplish by the end of November:

1. Make soup. Or else.

2. Go into Marshall’s and formally sign up. Work out there at least twice a week.

3. Meet up with a friend or group of friends at least twice for a beverage.

4. Get my Christmas shopping 90% completed. This is ambitious, but will make my month of December so much more enjoyable if I can pull it off.

5. Do one of the following:

a) NaNoWriMo  NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, and if you participate, you attempt to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November. The idea of doing this is daunting, but I like that it would force me to write a large chunk of fiction, without having the time to go back and do any editing or discarding. I think it could be good for getting out of this creative writing funk that I am in now. If I do participate, I will make myself follow these rules: My family won’t be neglected during the month; I won’t allow myself to get overly stressed out over word counts; I will be OK with myself if I do not finish.


b) Commit to writing a blog post every day in November. I had thought that there was an equivalent NaNo for the daily blog posting, but I haven’t been able to find anything by the same organization so far. I found some copy-cat sites that I could follow though, or just do it on my own.

And honestly, I think five things are enough right now, considering two of these are pretty hefty commitments. I will check back with you at the beginning of December to let you know how I did. Happy November Everyone.

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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9 Responses to September Wrap-Up

  1. Hey Finola – Regarding #1 on your November 'To Do' list (make soup, or else)- I wanted to share with you a tradition that a friend of mine has with her neighbours in her 'hood. They call it 'Soup Club' – where once a month a group of women get together at someone's house, and they all bring the ingredients to make two pots of soup. They eat it together (with some bread) or take some home…if you went the Soup Club route, you could also easily knock off #3 as well!

  2. Sara says:

    14K!?! That alone trumps anything you left unfinished! And I'll join you for NaNoWriMo 🙂

  3. Sid. says:

    Woman, I am completely intimidated by your energy level. It feels like the about the only thing I did do last month was make soup (lentil and sausage = awesome). When you're done with your garden do you want to come and work on mine? You know, in all that spare time you have when you're not writing a novel?!

  4. JoeGirl says:

    Oh, Fin… You are the lovely one. I so love our chats. Glad, even after a bazillion years, we can still open up and have the most amazing talks. Thank You.

  5. Finola says:

    Jen, Soup club is an interesting idea, but it sounds very…social. Most days I want to just hide under my couch 🙂

    Sara, For Real?? You are going to do it? We need to talk more at our next writing group meeting. It would be nice to be able to motivate each other.

    Sid, Now I realize that I completely misrepresented what I have accomplished this month. I delegated the gardening to Hubby, while I took the kids to the park to play. Now I feel I will need to write a retraction of some sort. Thanks for keeping me honest, and I mean that sincerely.

    Joe, We are so lucky to have met up again. Both of uss ❤

  6. gryph says:

    Yay NaNoWriMo! I'm hoping that I'll be able to do it this year, but I know I spent a lot of time hermiting each night, writing, last year and with the pup, I'm not sure she'll be into that. I'll try and see! 🙂

    Now to come up with a story idea!

  7. Lynn says:

    The blogging one is called NaNoBloMo (National November Blogging Month?). You can sign up here:

    I've done it three times now and it was awesome. I think I'll take a break this year but looking forward to reading yours if you do it!

  8. Pauline says:

    “I finished my 11K, and I was really enjoying the movie, so I kept walking until it was over. 14K done.”

    Wow! Good job! My treadmill would definitely serve more as a clothing rack or cat playground! 😉

  9. Hi Finola, do the soup. Nothing is better for making you feel warm, cozy and productive as the cool weather rolls in.

    And NaNoWriMo is a blast – even if you don't finish, it's sometimes the push that really gets you started. And as an aside, when you finish the manuscript, you know someone in the industry (wink, wink – shameless plug for my new editing job with Carina Press) who you can send it to…

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