Summer Wrap-Up

The last time I did a monthly wrap-up post was at the end of May, and that is when I put together my list of things to accomplish in June. Honestly I haven’t even looked at the list since then, so it’s time add up my successes and see how I did. I am going to allow myself to look back over the entire summer instead of just June, since I won’t be able to remember when I did things anyhow. Also, I think it is perfectly acceptable to relax some of the rules in the summer, yes? Here goes.

Summer Accomplishments

1. I will make some sort of dish that I have never made before. It will probably be a dinner salad of some kind considering the weather. I am going to give soup a summer hiatus.

Oh dear. I can’t think of anything new that I made this summer. I am not the cook in our house, and I had set this goal to try to make myself experiment a bit more in the kitchen. I do know that we ate well this summer, with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables bought at the Parkdale Market, but we ate mostly the usual summer barbecue and salad fare. (0)

2. I will figure out what I want to do for exercise other than running and biking. The possibilities are: yoga, group strength work-outs at Goodlife, a bootcamp conditioning course of some kind, work with a personal trainer, or other. Suggestions appreciated!

Wow, exercise was sporadic this summer at best. I rode my bike to work most of the time, but I only went for a few runs over the summer, and I have not yet incorporated the strength training. (0)

3. Have a beverage out with two people this month. Let’s see if the trend can continue.

Over the course of the summer, I think I did just about the right amount of socializing for me, though there are a number of friends who I didn’t see as much of as I would have liked. There is something about summer that makes it hard to get together for some reason. I’m not sure if it is the different vacation schedules that everyone has, but nevertheless I still feel like I spent enough time with friends to meet my social needs. But I do have a very low threshold for that, as I’m happiest hanging out on the back porch with my family and my books. (1)

4. Get a babysitter once for an evening out.

Success, several times over. If I could only remember what we did now. I know that one evening when my brother was babysitting, Tony and I went to hang out at Westboro Beach. We had drinks on the patio and read as the sun went down. (1)

5. Make sure the last few things in the POD are emptied out so we can finally get rid of it!! On a related note, do the last few things that need to be done in the basement so that I can finally do my basement reveal blog post.

Well the POD is gone, but I never wrote the basement blog post. The problem is that we haven’t finished decorating downstairs yet, and in all likelihood we probably never will. It is fully functional and has been used a lot this summer. It was the perfect place for our girls to host their summer sleepovers. Still, there is nothing hanging on the walls, and the wall unit has the tiniest TV you have ever seen in the place where the big flat screen should be. (0.5)

6. Embarrassing: Do my taxes (eep).

Done and refund received! (1)

7. Take my kids to the newly renovated Museum of Nature. I’m going to pick the sunniest day possible based on what I have heard about the line-ups on the rainy day weekends. I really don’t like crowds at all.

Done! I took the girls on a sunny weekday and it was still jam-packed. Still, the museum if fantastic and we had a great time there. (1)

8. Do at least two family bikerides on Sunday mornings on the Ottawa River Parkway, followed by treating the girls to ice cream at the Westboro Beach. (1)

Over the whole summer we went on family bike rides on Sunday mornings at least seven or eight times. Always enjoyable, and always ice cream at the end.

And that was the end of my list because I couldn’t think of two more things to do in June. But in the comments on my May post, people suggested I do something to pamper myself, and in August I went for a pedicure at The Spa. And then one of my toenails fell off as a result of my early summer running. Sigh. (1)

Result: 6.5/9 or a respectable 72%.

Not too bad, but I am disappointed in myself for not doing a bit more with fun summer recipes. I really want to like to cook, but it just doesn’t come to me naturally. I’m lucky that Tony likes to cook, so we eat well most of the time with dinners cooked at home. And while Tony is a great cook, I can do a mean set of dishes!

Now my list for September

1. With the cooler weather arriving and wonderful vegetables available in the farmer’s markets, I am going to make soup. I make a really good butternut squash soup, and also a nice leak and potato. Mmmm, soup.

2. I’m going to repeat my second item on my list from the summer and figure out my exercise programs. I still belong to Goodlife, but recently I had an excellent workout with JoeGirl at Marshall’s new gym in Hintonburg. I also need to bring up my running again, because I think I would like to do the half marathon again next May. I will also be participating in the Run for the Cure on Laurie’s No Pink for Profit team, and I am so excited to be running with some amazing women in that race. I am also collecting sponsors on-line here.

3. It’s back to school time and the girls will be meeting up with all of their friends again, and I would like to do that too. I’m going to try to go for two beverage meet-ups with friends, and perhaps even more since there is a long list of people who I would like to spend some time with.

4. Basement blog post. You’re going to see it as it is. I’ll tidy, but that’s it.

5. An evening out. I will rope my Dad into babysitting one last time before he leaves for his winter in Florida.

6. Apple picking with the family.

7. Keep riding my bike as much as I can to work in September.

8. Get my front garden reorganized. We are removing a big flower bed which now takes up almost all of our front yard. We are not gardeners and can’t keep up with the speed-growing that our perennials have been doing. We will keep some things and move them around, and plant grass in front so the girls have somewhere to play.

9. Embrace the back-to-school routines. We all could use this structure back in our lives. Be supportive to the girls so that they enjoy getting back into it all.

10. Pick one cupboard or drawer and organize it. Baby steps; there is much de-cluttering to be done around here.

So, ta-dah, a new list has finally been made. Please nag me at the beginning of October to provide an update.

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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5 Responses to Summer Wrap-Up

  1. Laura says:

    I love lists so much, I even love other peoples lists! lol I think you sold yourself short in the recipe dept. – you made my quinoa salad remember? Add an extra (1) point. Looking forward to the basement reveal. 🙂

  2. Lynn says:

    Funny, we have nothing but grass in the front yard and we totally cannot keep up with the upkeep, so we are just about to rip it all out and replace it with a massive garden instead. Is this a case of The Grass Is Always Greener? We'll have to see which one of us is happier with the new solution!

    As for the one drawer method…loving it. I have a big plan this year to pick one cupboard or drawer per week and organize. I figure by the end of a year I should be through the whole house, just in time to start over again at cupboard #1.

  3. Sid. says:

    Great list.

    A suggestion for exercise: indoor rock climbing. There's a couple of places that have it in Ottawa. I'm currently making plans to try it with a friend.

  4. Finola says:

    Laura, Oh, I already got my quinoa on my May post. Yes, hard to believe the summer flew by so fast!

    Lynn, I look forward to comparing gardening notes with you next summer. Too funny…

    Sid, I never tried rock climbing, and in all honestly I'm a bit afraid of it. Maybe I should add “conquer some fears” to next month's list.

  5. Pauline says:

    “Take my kids to the newly renovated Museum of Nature”

    I have yet to go and see the new and improved Museum of Nature. I think they are having a prehistoric mammal exhibit right now. Could be worth seeing. 🙂

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