Gadzooks – Updated

Here is a copy of an email I sent today to my daughter’s day camp. I would love to hear your comments about whether you think I overreacted.  Thanks.

Dear Camp,

Yesterday my daughter B (kinder program) came home from camp upset about a particular song that the counsellors had them singing that day.

In her words, the song was about “Kinders holding their pee” and there were associated actions that went with the song that were not in good taste.

B felt embarrassed and uncomfortable singing this and doing the actions, but she felt that she had to or she would get in trouble. She told me that the song was not “appropriate”, and I absolutely agree with her.

To me there is humiliation involved with these words and I would very much appreciate if this was addressed with the counsellors. Can you please respond to me regarding this issue?

Otherwise B is having a wonderful week at camp and is really enjoying the program.



I had a very nice reply from Camp this afternoon to say that Camp had spoken to the counsellors, who had in fact changed some words around from some of their regular songs. The counsellors decision-making was discussed with them, and I was assured that it won’t happen again. I am more than pleased.

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12 Responses to Gadzooks – Updated

  1. Capital Mom says:

    It is a very respectful email. I hope they respond respectfully.

  2. Sid. says:

    Perfectly polite note. I'd be curious about what the song was and why they were singing it at all. Is it meant to: be funny; teach them about bladder control; or to ridicule kids who pee themselves?

  3. XUP says:

    I'd like to hear all the words to that song. It sounds mighty bizarre to me so far. I think parents really need to keep on top of stuff that happens at day camps. I had so many battles with them over the years. Many of the staff are completely unqualified to work with kids and often have some pretty strange notions about “fun” and/or “discipline”. Good for you for speaking out.

  4. Finola says:

    Capital Mom, Thanks for the feedback 🙂

    Sid, Based on the reply I got from the camp, I think they were just trying to be funny and likely meant no harm, but I hope they think it through a little further next time.

    Xup, B couldn't tell me too much more about the song…I guess that was the part that stayed in her memory. I'm lucky that she tells me so much about her day so I can stay on top of things.

  5. Pauline says:

    They had them sing a song about “holding their pee”? WTH??

    Whatever happened to “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “The Ants went Marching?”

  6. Finola says:

    Pauline, It was about holding their pee in, as in not having an accident. I think it was sung to the tune of If You're Happy and You Know It…or some such. Glad I'm not the only one who thought it wasn't nice.

  7. Anonymous says:

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    Keep up the good work!

  8. thedailyg says:

    Sounds to me like I could only make a judgement-call based on actually getting the vibe there, at the time. Could have been harmless, funny, cruel or creepy, I guess. I'd say right to query it, but there may have been no foul.


  9. What the heck kind of song is that?! My kids are also in camp this week and come home with concerning stories. I do not think I will put the kids in a city of Ottawa camp next summer. I placed a call today with the co-ordinator. Perhaps I should have sent an email, you did a good job with yours.

  10. Finola says:

    G, I believe that you are right that no harm was meant, but I still felt it was important to address it because of how it made my daughter feel. I want her to know that if someone makes her feel bad, I will always back her up and try to help her fix the problem.

    MM, Poor judgment by some young councellors I guess. I hope you were able to correct the problems at your kids' camp. It's hard to trust others with your kids isn't it.

  11. I think your note was calm and respectful. I would have done the same thing. Your child came to you with a concern, and you showed her that you take her concerns seriously and will act (or kick butt, as need be!) on her behalf.

  12. Finola says:

    Julie, thanks for saying that. I think that was my take home message too. I will always support them and stick up for them no matter what.

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