It Was Bound to Happen Eventually

My 8yo daughter N was supposed to participate in the Kids of Steel duathlon this weekend at Westboro Beach. I wrote about our preparation and excitement for this race here. We are all feeling so disappointed today though, because yesterday afternoon N tripped and fell while running, and although she managed to break her fall and “save her face” with her hand, she suffered a very common injury when she landed. She fractured her wrist.

We didn’t realize it was fractured at first. She could move it quite well and it wasn’t swollen or causing her a lot of pain. We found yesterday evening though, when we asked her to squeeze our wrists with both of her hands, that her right hand was much weaker than her left. She also couldn’t grip her ladder well enough to climb up into the top bunk. Luckily, her little sister offered to trade bunks with her. Score for B. We knew that N would not be able to use her brakes effectively on her bike and we were quite sure that her race was over before it had begun. We decided to forego a night at CHEO and wait and see how she was the next day. In the morning, she was no better and our lovely friend and neighbour who is a physician advised us about what to do. Head to CHEO. So off we went.

It turns out that she has a small buckle fracture, and it showed up on the X-ray looking like a small bubble coming off of the bone. But if you call it a bubble fracture, the emergency room doctor will laugh at you, although very kindly. Just so you know.

This is our first broken bone in our “four family“ as my six-year-old likes to call us. Adventurous Tony has had every other kind of injury, including stitches dozens times or more, but he has never a broken bone. Cautious me has never broken anything, and only ever had stitches one time. Rambunctious six-year-old B will have her turn one day I’m sure.

I must tell you that N was just a trooper. I could tell that she was worried because I could see that little wrinkle in her forehead that she gets sometimes, but she never made any bit of a fuss. I was able to explain what I thought all the steps at the hospital would be, and that I didn’t think it would hurt too much. I was quite confident that she wouldn’t have to get any needles. Phew I was right about that. When we got to the hospital, she was able to answer all of the questions she was asked clearly and confidently. I was just so proud of her and her maturity. She is oh so lovely.

CHEO was a dream. Total time that we spent there: 1.5 hours. We were triaged immediately; seen by a medical student within 15 minutes of arriving; saw a physician after another 15 minutes; went to X-ray where we waited about 20 minutes; back to the ambulatory zone where we happened to see our physician and medical student in the hallway, which prompted them to go look at her X-ray immediately. They came back to get us quickly after that to set her wrist in a splint. Another big phew – no cast. The splint can be removed for bathing and when she is sitting still, and it will only be needed for two to three weeks. Just in time for school.

Worse than missing her race though will be missing her wilderness daycamp. She won’t be able to canoe, kayak, or ride horses. I’m wondering if there is some other camp we could still get her into where she would only need one wrist? Sigh.

Well tonight she is getting spoiled. She chose her favourite dinner: salmon with extra lemon juice, corn on the cob, and coconut rice. And for dessert…home made raspberry-mango ice cream. Something sweet for my sweet girl.

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5 Responses to It Was Bound to Happen Eventually

  1. Gee that sucks she had to miss her race! You're right though it could have been much worse. Broke my wrist,on my strong arm 4-5 years ago and was in a cast for 5 weeks. Hopefully the healing goes quick well.

  2. Paul says:

    Please tell N that I hope she gets well soon.

  3. Shannon says:

    Awwww, poor thing. Missing the race AND camp. What a total bummer. I hope she gets to enjoy the last bit if her summer regardless.

    Oh! What is coconut rice. Is there a recipe? Sounds like something I'd like to try! I'm sick of boring plain rice.

  4. Finola says:

    Challenges, Kids heal a lot faster than adults do. The doc compared her young bones to a green stretchy twig and our older bones to the brown dried up ones that snap!

    Paul, I most definitely will. Thanks.

    Shannon, Coconut rice is easy and yum. We just replace the cooking water with canned coconut milk. We use a rice cooker, but I don't think you need one. It goes really nicely with fish or Thai food!

  5. Erin says:

    Hi – Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am pretty new to the blogging thing so it is really fun to see that someone visited. Hope you little one heals quick!


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