These Are My People

I have written a fair bit about how I am an extreme introvert. If I am around people for too long, I become completely exhausted, and I need to retreat back into my own cave to regenerate and rejuvenate. I need me time and I need a lot of it, to function, to be happy, to be a good Mama, and to carry out all the tasks that need to be done in a day. If I don’t get time to myself I become frazzled and stressed, and all I can think about is escape.

But there are a handful of people on this earth who give me energy. They revive me. They make me want to get up and out and interact and make some noise. These people visited Ottawa this week and spent time with me, my Mom, and my family. My aunt Ursula from Ireland, my cousin Monica from England, my brother Paul and his partner Tamara from Toronto. These are my people.

Although Ursula and Monica live overseas, I feel as close to them as I do my family here in Ottawa and Toronto. We have a deep connection, and even if I haven’t seen one of them for many years, as soon as we are together again, it is like we were never apart. I don’t even understand how this family connection manifests itself, or how it grabs hold so strongly. Why is Monica, who I have had visits with only a handful of times over our entire lives, like a sister to me when we are together? I don’t know but I sure am glad for it.

My two daughters feel it too. They were beyond excited waiting with me at the airport for Ursula and Monica to come down that escalator in the arrivals area, and they glued themselves to their sides for the entire visit. We just had the best time.

Paul and Tamara will be moving to Nunavut soon (you can read about their adventure here), and Paul made a comment to me along the lines of that he hoped he would be able to still be a big part of N&B’s lives even though he would be so far away. Well at every opportunity, B was perched up on Paul’s lap snuggling in close, and N would beam any time Paul had a chat or a laugh with her. The new distance will just make their visits home all the sweeter; I can just imagine the dancing at the airport when we are waiting for them in the arrivals area.

So my family (Mom included here even though she is in town – Hi Mom!) give me energy. I don’t need breaks from them, or to escape from them. They could be by my side all the time and they would always give me energy.

Man, I am missing them all today.

Me, Mom (Eileen), Monica, Ursula

Paul and Tamara

                                            Monica and Me

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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5 Responses to These Are My People

  1. mustangsabby says:

    I am also an extreme introvert. I still haven't quite convinced my husband though, as he is the extreme opposite. I don't get near enough.

    I think as introverts we sometimes forget that people can renew us, because we get focused on the need for quiet and aloneness. It is good that you know this, and when you are with them, you can love the energy and recharge they give you!

    I get to see mine in less than a month and I am so excited!

  2. Pauline says:

    That is great that your family makes you feel good and loved. You're very lucky! I am the same way, in terms of introversion, I tend to get fatigued in social situations, but being around positive and engaging people certainly helps delay that feeling.:)

  3. Great post! I hope you take the opportunity to visit your friends in Nunavut some day. It's expensive to get there, expensive to stay there, but you will never ever forget it.

  4. I enjoyed this post. How lucky you are to have such strong family connections. I arrived home tonight from Toronto, tired but rejuvinated from spending time with family and friends I love. Does that make sense? Sounds like you and Monica are kindred spirits.

  5. Paul says:

    A hundred times over, I feel the same way. Monica is wonderful, and Ursula has always been a favorite of mine. And Mom, as always was a wonderful host, and so great.

    But Finola, the best day was when we went to Merrickville. I had an unbelievably good time with N&B as we went off and explored the blockhouse and canal while you and Monica shopped. B was fun as always, and I was extremely happy to find N is interested in history, like me.

    And you and Tony were such good hosts. I really enjoyed the evening Tamara and I spent with you.

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