Commuter Challenge

Last week I participated in the Commuter Challenge which is a friendly competition that is organized to encourage people to use alternate modes of transportation other than driving to work alone. Workplaces, cities and participants register for the week, and then record how they got to work each day. Those that saved the most in greenhouse gas emissions are noted. I believe there are just bragging rights involved, but I don’t know that for sure.

I was able to report that I rode my bike to work three days, and took the bus two days this past week. According to the Commuter Challenge website, the bus counts as being neutral with respect to adding greenhouse gases to the environment. After registering my commutes last week, I got this message back:

Congratulations Finola!
Since you started logging, your daily work choices have saved 40.94 kgs of greenhouse gas emissions compared to driving alone. You have avoided driving 200.0 km, saved approximately $21.45 CDN in fuel and maintenance costs, and 5.0 hours in driving time. Your healthy choices have also burned 999 calories. Well done!

Wow, yay for me! I rock! However there does seem to be a problem with the math as my bike ride is only about 6 km, so I’m really not sure how I saved driving 200 km in one week. Perhaps I missed a decimal place somewhere when I entered the information. Ah well.

Of course these are false savings because I never drive to work. My regular way to work is by bus or bike. It is even a walkable commute, though I haven’t done this very often since last year’s bus strike was settled. Since I already bus or bike to work, I haven’t actually saved anything this week, but I still like the spirit of this program, and I do think it gets people thinking about how they commute. I’m curious if any of you changed the way that you got to work this week because of the Challenge?

And I have just heard that this week is Bike to Work Week in Ottawa. I just signed up!

To wrap up last week, here is some info:
The aggregate Challenge workweek results are below:

1. Organizations Registered = 884
2. Municipalities Represented = 134
3. Total Registered Participants = 12,015
4. CO2e Savings = 205,398 kgs
5. Distance Savings = 439,301 kms
6. Vehicle Savings = $107,996
7. Calories Burned = 11,094,014

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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4 Responses to Commuter Challenge

  1. I LOVE your new photo!!! 🙂

  2. Finola says:

    Thanks Julie – Dani is wonderful 🙂

  3. XUP says:

    Cool. Good for you! I never drive anywhere at all so I'm racking up all sorts of greenhouse gas savings every day!!

  4. Finola says:

    Xup, That's awesome! We do our best, but we're not that good.

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