RunBlog Weeks 10-13 – Two More Weeks To Go…

…And my training has fallen apart. I have many excuses (see for a great post on excuses), but I don’t need to bore you with my feeble reasons for missing runs.

I will run in the National Capital Race Weekend in two weeks, and I will finish the half-marathon as long as none of my running parts give up on me completely, but it is really going to hurt and I am likely not going to enjoy myself very much. I ran about 19K on Sunday, and while the first half felt all right, by the last half hour I was having a very hard time keeping going. I really wanted to stop and walk the last few kilometers.

I know race day will be different, and I will take better care with nutrition and water before the race, but the fact is I just didn’t get quite enough training in, and there is nothing that I can do about that now. I’ll finish off my training program over the next two weeks with tapering. Then I will do my best to relax and enjoy the day. I will try not to worry about my time, but will just attempt to have fun with the experience of the crowds and noise and with completing my first half-marathon.

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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7 Responses to RunBlog Weeks 10-13 – Two More Weeks To Go…

  1. TreenaG says:

    You'll be just fine! The crowds and adrenalin of the day will carry you through. Just remember not to go out too fast, and if you feel good then start to reel people in, once you are past the Bronson Bridge there are no more hills. The route is less hilly than previous years due to the route changes in Gatineau – hurrah!
    Enjoy your day – it's taper time, so keep healthy and see you on race day. I'm the 2:45 bunny so look for the ears and the bug grin…

  2. JoeGirl says:

    Fin, don’t give up before you even set up at the start line. You will run, and you will run hard. At some point, your body will take over, more than in any training run to date. You will blow past your physical game and make it a mental one, and you will win.

    I am so proud of you. Planning to watch you cross the finish line.

    Lots and lots of love and support,
    Joe xoxox

  3. Finola says:

    TreenaG, Cool to be a race bunny! I am hoping to be a bit ahead of you but I'll try to say hi on the day. Thanks for the encouragement and I am going to try to enjoy the day!

    Joe, Thank you! And of course I will absolutely do my best!

  4. gryph says:

    You can do it, Fin. You know why? You already ran 21 km. So there. It was one of your April accomplishments.

    🙂 I believe!

  5. As a very casual runner (ie: I get in about 2-4 km four times a week) I'm always inspired by you. Good luck with the half marathon. I am sure you'll have a great run and feel amazing for having done it.

  6. Finola says:

    Jennifer, Thanks, but it hurt in April too! 🙂

    Denise, That's nice to hear, thank you!

  7. Most people just imagine running a marathon…you actually signed up, trained and made it happen. That is inspiring. Good luck – you can do it!

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