April Wrap-Up

I am way behind on a lot of things this month. I’m feeling really tired overall and a bit run down too. I have been staying up too late most evenings, and I have also been waking up often in the night. I feel lazy and sluggish and unmotivated.

I had decided not to make a new To Do list this month, because the March list would do just fine. As a recap, in February I managed to complete 50% of the tasks on my list; in March I completed 70%. So, how did I do in April:

1. I will continue training for the half marathon in May, running 3x per week.

I had trouble over the second half of April, with a really bad cold that wiped out all of my energy levels, and then with some very busy times at home and at work. I would say my training has not been consistent, BUT I did do a full 21K run two weeks ago. I am going to be happy with what I can fit in from now on and do my best to get in a lot of training runs between now and the race. But I do know that I can do this. Can I give myself half marks for this? (0.5)

2. I will add in one strength workout a week.

Nope, not going to happen until after Ottawa Race Weekend. And that’s OK with me. (0)

3. I will make soup once.

I made yummy potato leek and carrot soup, with all vegetable ingredients coming from my Ottawa Organics delivery. As a bonus, both kids liked liked the soup too! (1)

4. I will clean out my bedroom closet.

Done – And the girls summer clothes have been sorted out too! (1)

5. I will call a friend to go out for coffee or wine twice.

I made it out for a coffee date with Jen (next time, margaritas!), and for drinks with John. In May I owe an old friend a birthday lunch. (1)

6. I will keep practicing my French at work – slowly and steadily improving.

Yup, it sure is coming slowly though. (1)

7. I will get a babysitter at least one time and go out for dinner with Tony.

Nope, not this month, but both girls did sleep over at someone else’s house on the same night, and we had a quiet night in. Again, half marks? (0.5)

8. Finish reading my current book and my book club book. I read every day, but sometimes it is just for five minutes. Life just feels so busy right now.

I still have until Thursday to finish my next book club book, and I finally finished that brick I was working on. I’m going to count this one as done. (1)

Last month’s items 9&10 weren’t really applicable this month. The #9 item was to visit a sugar bush, which is legitimately not relevant this month. Item #10 from last month was to be a more patient person at home. Last month I did pretty well, so it seemed unlikely that I could improve upon perfection this month… although in fact, I was probably a bit less patient in April.

9. So instead I’m going to add that I survived B’s 6-year-old birthday festivities (1) and….

10. One of my blog posts was syndicated by BlogHer!!! (1)

Well, that is 8 out of 10, or 80%, which is actually an improvement over last month. This list is motivating. It has shown me that even when I feel like I’m not getting anywhere, I really am doing all right.

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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8 Responses to April Wrap-Up

  1. gryph says:

    Yay 80%! Yes, we will definitely do margaritas next time. And I will remember my book for you and my CD. *sigh*


  2. Lynn says:

    Can we have your soup recipe? I love soup, and the combination sounds amazing!

  3. Rebecca says:

    what a great list – and a great way to keep track. I should take note…

  4. Finola says:

    Jen, Can't wait!

    Lynn, I will try to put the recipe together and post it here. I actually combined two different recipes so I'll see what I can remember!

    Rebecca, Thank you, but I stole the list idea from Laurie at: http://notjustaboutcancer.blogspot.com/
    She is a wonderful writer.

  5. A Crafty Mom says:

    How awesome of you to be so organized with your list 🙂 I'm very impressed you're running the half, that has always been a goal of mine and some injuries and medical issues this year have made it impossible for me. I'll be down there that day so I'll be sure to be cheering you on!!!

    Mmmm, I'd like the soup recipe too!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Amazingly organized indeed – I have to take a few tips from you by making up such a list – starting on new (ad)ventures this week complicated all my plans and work related training on top of that….closing thoughts – I need to make a list too.

  7. Finola says:

    ACM, Thanks! It will be nice to know you will be there. If you can let me know ahead of time where you will be standing, I'll be sure to look out for you!

    Anon, Making the list is the easy part. Finishing the tasks is the difficult part.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well – really a plan is a list of things that one never intends to complete – I hope you can do the birthday lunch with your friend in May as the month will slip by faster than you think….but you are clocking around 80% in everything – so you are organized.

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