March Update

At the beginning of March I wrote a list of 10 things that I wanted to accomplish last month and it’s time to tally up the results. For February I only completed 50% of my list, so let’s see if I did any better this month.

1. I will continue training for the half marathon in May, running 3x per week.

Win. I only missed one workout this month, which I intentionally skipped because I had a really sore right shin, and I wanted to rest it up. This rest did pay off because a few days later I successfully completed my first 18K run ever.

2. I will add in one strength workout a week.

Fail. I just can’t fit in four workouts a week, with two kids and full time work. Once Race Weekend is over, I may drop one run and do the strength training instead. I just can’t do it all.

3. I will make soup once.

Win. I made a fragrant Thai carrot soup. It was a recipe that I had clipped from the newspaper a couple of years ago but never made. After it was assembled and blended, it seemed to lack a little something, so I added some leftover coconut rice to the pot, and some more spices, and it ended up being delicious. My neighbour dropped by as it was almost finished, so I even shared some with her. Things always taste better when you share.

4. I will clean out my bedroom closet.

Fail. I have a zillion excuses, but all I can say is my closet is still in a mess and I need to figure it out soon.
5. I will call a friend to go out for coffee or wine twice.

Win. I had coffee with a neighbour, coffee with a lovely Ottawa blogger, and a drink after work with a dear friend. Jen, you are up for April, my friend!

6. I will keep practicing my French at work – slowly and steadily improving.

Win. It’s coming. I speak French at work all the time.

7. I will get a babysitter at least one time and go out for dinner with Tony.

Win. Tony and I went shopping, and then for late night Mexican muchies and sangria at Agave. Yum and I got some new clothes, so this counts as a Double Win.

8. Finish reading my current book and my book club book. I read every day, but sometimes it is just for five minutes. Life just feels so busy right now.

Fail. Oh. My. I cannot believe I failed a resolution to do with reading. I finished my book club book – The Bishop’s Man by Linden MacIntyre, but my current book is over 800 pages, and I’m not really enjoying it, so it has been a slog.

9. Do a family outing to a sugar bush.

Qualified Win. We did go to the sugar bush, but technically we went in April. Still, we made it before the season ended, so I’m going to call it a win.

10. Be a more patient person. I tried to get Tony agree to judge this one for me, because in all honesty, it is with him that I tend to be the least patient, and I would really like to do better. Understandably, this is my blog, and Tony doesn’t want to put himself out there the way that I do, so I will have to be the one to report back to you on this one. I will be as honest as I can be.

Win. In my own humble opinion, I have been more patient. I am actively working on this. I am letting little things not get to me so much. I feel less anxious when things aren’t done the way I want them to be done, and with the constant state of messiness that my house is in. I’m rolling with things a little bit more. But wait, I’m going to go ask Tony what he thinks. He is downstairs painting (yes, this does mean the basement reveal post is coming soon). I don’t know if he will answer me but I’m going to try:

Me: Do you care to comment on whether I have been a more patient person this month?
Tony: Pause. Yes.
Me: Yes you will comment or yes I have been more patient?
Tony: Yes you have been more patient.
Me: Care to expand on that?
Tony: No.
Me: Can I write about this?
Tony: Yes.
Me: OK.

That one is huge to me. I am happy.

Grand total, 7/10, or 70%. This is a definite improvement over last month so I’m feeling pretty good. If I were to put together a list for April, it would look so similar to my list for March, so consider the above list my ongoing self-improvement set if goals. That closet had better be clean in May, or you all can seriously nag me.

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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5 Responses to March Update

  1. Capital Mom says:

    That looks like a pretty good list to me!

  2. That is an impressive list of accomplishments. I am curious about the Thai soup…do your children eat it too?

  3. I wanted to ask about the Thai soup too – perhaps you could post the recipe for all us droolers out here. SOunds yum.

    Also I think 70% is pretty good. As for the closet (I now speak from -ahem- experience) take 2 totles and 2 big garbage bags. Pull everything out and either put it back in because you love and wear it, or put it in the give away box, or into a garbage bag.

    I found it helped to quote Shakespeare: “Be bloody, bold,and resolute”. Say it out loud and harness your ruthless inner Lady Macbeth as you get rid of unwanted stuff.

  4. Finola says:

    CM, Thank you!

    MM, No, the kids don't eat things like that yet. I keep hoping if they are exposed to different foods it will eventually grow on them. I think I made them a simple chicken noodle soup taht night since having two pots of stock isn't that much harder than having one.

    Denise, I'm so sorry, I threw out the recipe because it wasn't good enough to be a keeper. I did a quick google search and I couldn't find it.
    And I love your closet cleaning attitude. I can be ruthless once I get over my lethargy 🙂

  5. gryph says:

    Yay! I will help with your coffee resolution for April for sure. 🙂

    I seriously need to do some de-cluttering as well. I like the idea of pulling everything out of the closet, but then I look in my closet and I think “This might take a while…” 😉

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