RunBlog Week #4 and 5 – 9 Weeks to Go (Updated)

I missed writing my weekly wrap-up on my half-marathon training for last week. Training is continuing to go well and has been fairly uneventful. I completed my interval run last Wednesday and my tempo run on Friday. I did my 15K long run on Sunday: 15.3K in 1hour, 39 minutes. The only problem I’m having is a really stiff right shin that is taking half an hour to loosen up. It makes my running stiff, like I’m limping, but eventually everything loosens up and I’m not unusually sore afterwards.

I had forgotten to pick up more energy gel for my long run, so I brought along a square of 85% Lindt dark chocolate with me and I ate it at the halfway mark. Who knows if it is as “scientifically” replenishing as the gel, but I felt just as good as I did during last week’s run when I had Gu.

This week I made the decision to drop my tempo run and just do my intervals so that my shin could rest and recover a little. My run on Wednesday went well, and this weekend I’m facing 18K. It will be the longest I have ever run.

At lunch today I stopped by The Running Room to look at water bottles. The belts that can carry several small bottles appeal to me much more than the ones that carry one large bottle at the back. I was a little shocked at the price tag at around $55 for a belt with four small bottles. I decided not to buy one, and to check out Bushtukah and MEC instead. So I walked away from the water bottles but I did pick up some more Gu for Tony and me for this weekend.

Happy Trails.


I did my 18K long run for this week today and I was happy and a bit amazed that I could do it. It is the longest that I have ever run and I finished in 2:00:36. I was just a bit disappointed with that time, but still, it was a realistic time for me considering how my training has been going so far.

I was highly annoyed with myself that after I went and bought some new energy gel on Friday, I forgot to bring it along with me. I think it could have helped my energy levels for the second half of my run. I felt quite sick about a half hour after I got home, and I think it was because I needed some more refueling. I’m going to go talk to Mike at FitShop, as recommended to me by JoeGirl Fitness for some tips. And to try to find a protein shake that doesn’t make me gag .

One new thing I tried was downloading a podcast to listen to while I ran, so for half of my run I listened to CBC’s Definitely Not the Opera. It really made the time go by more quickly because it was something new to listen to and focus on. Plus I don’t want to get completely tired of my music playlist before the actual race.

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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2 Responses to RunBlog Week #4 and 5 – 9 Weeks to Go (Updated)

  1. D. Gillespie says:

    Good running Finola! Your street is amazing.

    I love listening to podcasts when I run. My favourite right now is This American Life. There is always something interesting and I find I don't realize how far I've run when I've tuned in.

  2. gryph says:

    That's great, Fin! Congrats on getting to 18K!

    I haven't tried to listen to anything but my music. Hmm, perhaps I should load a podcast on for my run today (hopefully there will be a run today – 3 hours of hiking was definitely challenging cross-training yesterday!)

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