And I Used to Be an A Student: February Update

At the beginning of last month I posted a list of things that I wanted to accomplish in February. Now it’s time to let you know how I did.

1. I will start training in earnest for the half marathon in May, running 3x per week.

Win. I am working this one, baby.

2. I will also do at least one strength workout a week.

Fail. I have had a hard time making it to the gym for power pump class. But now I have a workout that I can do at home, so I’m hopeful for next month.

3. I will make soup twice once.

Fail. I really hate to cook. In all honesty, Tony does almost all of the cooking around here, but I rock at dishes and grade 2 homework. Sadly for me, no one ever comments on how clean our dishes are.

4. I will clean out my bedroom closet.

Fail. I might as well wait until spring now so I can put away some winter clothes at the same time.

5. I will go skating with my family on the canal, and enjoy it.

Fail. The canal closed and I was completely unprepared. We did make it to the ice slides at Jacques Cartier Park, however, where we had a fantastic time. B couldn’t believe it was all free (not counting the beaver tails, of course – but they were totally worth it).

6. I will try to go to bed earlier.

Fail. Olympics, Twitter, blogging. Sigh.

7. I will call a friend to go out for coffee or wine twice.

Win. I had coffee with my friend Cathy one afternoon. Cathy lives too far away for me to actuallly go out with her, but we talked on the phone and I drank coffee. I also went out for coffee on Saturday with a dear friend, and last Friday night I went out for a drink with a group of lovely Moms from my neighbourhood. I’m stretching this a little since I didn’t actually do all of the calling, but in spirit, I succeeded.

8. I will practice my French more often at work and not worry so much about the mistakes that I make.

Win. My office has a lot of French and I am practicing a fair bit. C, here I come!

9. I will get a babysitter at least one time and go out for dinner with Tony (slam dunk as my Dad is watching the kids tonight!)

Win. When we were in Florida Tony and I went out for dinner (Outback) and a movie (It’s Complicated) and my Dad watched the girls. All survived and we had a fun time.

10. Run at least 2x per week (in case I flunk out at #1)

Win. See #1.

Shoot, that’s only 5/10 or 50% and I really thought I was going to do better than that. I probably would have made the soup if not for the Olympics, maybe. And I don’t know where the time went with the canal – I thought there would more time. But we did do a lot of skating at the local outdoor rinks. Still, fail, I know.

But I am very proud of my keeping to my running schedule. And soup, shmoup, nobody actually went hungry around here.

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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6 Responses to And I Used to Be an A Student: February Update

  1. A Crafty Mom says:

    Well done – you are so awesome!! I'm very impressed. I, on the other hand, have been cooking and eating loads of soup but have still not headed out for my first run of the season 🙂

  2. Fifty per cent is better than nothing! Good for you!

    We made it to the canal once. I think it was a really short season this year. It closed surprisingly quickly.

  3. gryph says:

    I didn't make it out to the Canal either. Boo. The soup one would be easy for me because I love whipping up a batch of soup – I sometimes don't even use a *recipe*. 😉

    All in all, good job. Keep working at it! Are you going to make a March list?

  4. Finola says:

    Crafty Mom – Well, together we would make the mother who can do it all!

    Mary – The skating season seemed short to me too, but glad to hear you made it there, and thanks for coming by!

    Jennifer – I'm envious that you can cook without a recipe. I think the best soup is made with whatever comes out of the fridge and freezer. And yes, March list is coming soon so I can further humiliate myself 😉

  5. Anonymous says:

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  6. blakeeligh says:

    I love the idea of a monthly resolutions list (New Year's always flies by too fast, I forget to make one, and then suddenly it's September). Glad you're giving yourself permission to, ahem, reprioritize.

    Re:#7–a phone coffee counts. I start every morning with a phone coffee with a good friend who lives across the city. A little nod from the modern mom to my Grandma's generation. They always had time for the good stuff…

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