Tooth Fairy Drama

There was a little drama in my house tonight. When I got home from doing my tempo run workout at the gym this evening (thank you), B came running to me. Guess what happened Mama? I knew that she had lost her second tooth by the close-mouthed grin on her face. I made her laugh so that I could pounce on her new milestone. You lost your tooth, Baby!

But then B went to the piano, where she had apparently left her precious tooth, and the tooth was gone.

To understand the devastation that B felt in misplacing this tooth, you need to know that her first tooth was lost while eating birthday cake on her big sister’s eighth birthday. She didn’t even realize that she had lost her tooth until after dessert was over. Her first lost tooth had been swallowed and she had nothing to leave for the tooth fairy that night. We were able to convince her that this was all right, that we would just write a note to the Tooth Fairy explaining what had happened, and although B was pretty disappointed not to have a real tooth to put under her pillow, she knew that the Tooth Fairy would still come.

Tonight she actually had the tooth to put under her pillow, but now it was missing. My normally cheerful happy girl was devastated. We searched everywhere, with a flashlight, with a magnifying glass (those baby teeth are small), but we just couldn’t find it anywhere. The tears started, and soon escalated into full on sobbing. She was not going to be consoled.

Bedtime came and we were still searching for the tooth. The girls went up to get ready for bed, and all we could hear from upstairs was the wailing. We really did keep looking. We tore the ground floor apart searching for her tiny little tooth, but we just couldn’t find it. The crying upstairs was not letting up. We remembered that we had kept N’s first lost tooth, and shockingly I even knew where it was. I went to retrieve it, to see if we could pull a switcheroo, but N’s first lost tooth was a top one, and it was huge in comparison to the bottom one that B had lost. It just wouldn’t do.

But we are not dummies in this household, oh no. Basement renovations can really come in handy, especially when little chunks of plaster can be found all over the house. A small, tooth whittled surreptitiously out of a white chunk saved the day. We put it in a small ziplock bag, showed it to B, and asked her, Is this it? She was taken in, oh so luckily for us. Don’t take it out of the bag, we warned, make sure we don’t lose it again, we cautioned. (Don’t look too closely, we thought to ourselves).

Two more steps, and we will be free and clear. We just have to remember to replace the tooth with a token from the tooth fairy tonight, and we also have to hope that the real tooth stays lost forever.

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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6 Responses to Tooth Fairy Drama

  1. Kiera says:

    What a save! What are you going to do when she finds the real tooth?

  2. zoom says:

    I love this story! It totally captures the essence of parenthood.

  3. Brilliant save! Creative parenting at it's best.

  4. Love it! You and your hubby are indeed brilliant!

    Between not losing the teeth and remembering to actually put $$ under the pillow, the darn tooth fairy sure bring a whole lot of stress! 😉

  5. XUP says:

    I was going to offer to let you borrow of my daughter's all of which I've (creepily) kept for…something…

  6. Finola says:

    Kiera – I don't know what we would do if the real tooth shows up. In my house it is likely lost forever (I hope).

    Zoom and MM – Thank you 🙂

    Julie – Thanks, the Tooth Fairy has forgotten to come before too, but that is a whole other story 🙂

    Xup – I appreciate your offer, and you are not alone. You have no idea how many people have offered me teeth after reading this!

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