A Boring Basement Update

I first told you about my basement renovation a few weeks ago here. Things are moving along and you can really get a feel for how it will look when it’s finished. The drywall is in, with potlights in the ceiling; the new washer and dryer are stacked, installed and functioning. So far I have managed to not learn how to use them and Tony has been doing laundry with a lot of vigour; it is a new gadget after all. We have a brand new set of stairs leading to the basement and running along side them are some funky cubbies for hanging coats and storing hats and mittens. The flooring and tiling for the bathroom need to be purchased in the next few days, which will really make things look a lot more finished. We chose an IKEA laminate floor, the one that is featured in most of their display rooms within the store. We had studied the floors in those displays for wear and tear with all of the traffic that they must receive, and they looked pretty good. I hope it will work out.

Another thing that we added was soundproofing insulation in the ceilings. We were thinking ahead to when our girls are older and will be hanging out down there with their friends. It really works because when I was calling Tony one day while he was downstairs, he couldn’t hear me. Hmmm, or so he said.

We ordered all of our bathroom fixtures from Westend Kitchen and Bath. Tony and I are highly efficient shoppers, mostly because we both hate to shop. We tend to research what store will be best based on recommendations from others, and then we just go for it. No shopping around for days or weeks comparing prices all over the city. Murray, who is our friend and contractor recommended this store to us and we really liked it when we went in, so we just went through and ordered everything we needed for the new bathroom in the basement, and also for our second floor bathroom, which we have wanted to redo for a long time. We got a good discount for ordering two bathrooms at the same time. See, efficient!

Murray is a very cool contractor because he is a designer first and foremost. He works very hard to ensure every piece of the puzzle is the best it can possibly be. If that means curving a corner on a closet or on a duct to make a transition a bit smoother, he will suggest it. He has been working with us continuously to make improvements at every step. There is no slapping together of anything with him. We love his work so much. Today is Murray’s birthday and Tony surprised him with a homemade cake this morning. Happy Birthday Murray!

Logan, Murray’s most loveable dog, still comes with him to our house every day. Logan is still not much more than a puppy, but he is so well trained that he is just lovely to have around. But Logan lives in a house with no children, and so at his house all of the toys are his. We have to clear our floors of toys when he comes over, because he hasn’t understood the concept that in a house with two children, some of the toys are not his. There have been a few minor casualties. B’s brand new Barbie had an arm chewed off. When I tried to explain to B that this toy could now be her differently-abled Barbie, she did not seem too impressed. I will have to work on her attitude a bit. Then a hand-held decorative fan was chewed, and an eye was pulled off of a Webkin. Somehow Logan even got a hold of N’s inhaler and spacer. The spacer was chewed to bits, and there is a significant tooth indentation in the inhaler canister itself, but luckily it was not quite punctured. We wonder what would have happened to that canister had it been pierced. Does anyone know?

Oh Logan, we love you anyway.

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I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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8 Responses to A Boring Basement Update

  1. no photos? boo! me want photos! 😉

  2. JoeGirl says:

    Sounds amazing, Fin, but yes – we need photos!

  3. XUP says:

    If I were you, I'd hold off on learning how to use those “new gadgets” indefinitely.

  4. Finola says:

    Julie and Joe, I know I know, I haven't learned how to put photos in, but I will. I thought I could get away with saving photos for the grand finale post.

    Xup, So far so good….I am very good at avoiding learning new tricks.

  5. Stella says:

    I love your basement posts!

  6. Miss Vicky says:

    Hm does Murray want to do our basement next?

  7. Hey, Miss Vicky, can I be after you? 🙂

  8. Finola says:

    Stella – Thanks! I loved your crack house post, or whatever that place was…what was it do you think?

    Miss Vicky and Julie – let me know if you want more info or if you want to see the basement after it's done.

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