Half-Marathon Play List

Here is what I have loaded onto my Shuffle so far in preparation for the half marathon in May. These are in no particular order, just the order that my mp3 player decided to spit them out on the random setting. I really enjoy not knowing what song is coming on next. It helps somehow when the boredom starts to set in on a long run:

Supernatural Superserious – R.E.M
Da Da Da – Trio
Just a Girl – No Doubt
London Calling – The Clash
True Faith (The Morning Sun) – New Order
A-Punk – Vampire Weekend
I Wanna Be Sedated – The Ramones
Fairytale of New York – The Pogues
Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s
Blitzkrieg Bop – The Ramones
Help I’m Alive – Metric
A Girl Like You – Edwin Collins
Stand – R.E.M
Add It Up – Violent Femmes
It’s the End of the World as We Know It – R.E.M
End of the World – Great Big Sea (same song, but they seemed to have modified the title)
Time of Your Life – Green Day
Who Will Save Your Soul – Jewel
Gimme Sympathy – Metric
Sick Muse – Metric
Dashboard – Modest Mouse
Blister in the Sun – Violent Femmes
Bridge to Nowhere – Sam Roberts
Closer to Fine – Indigo Girls
Excuse Me Mr – No Doubt
When You Were Young – The Killers
Boys Don’t Cry – The Cure
The Con – Tegan and Sarah
Just Can’t Get Enough – Depeche Mode
Mr. Brightside – The Killers
Bizarre Love Triangle – New Order
In Between Days – The Cure
I Tremble – Metric
Punk Rock Girl – The Dead Milkmen
Video Killed the Radio Star – The Buggles (for the irony – anyone else remember roller skating to this song at Skateway here in Ottawa?)

All of these songs have an energy that agrees with me. I’m still looking to add another hour’s worth of songs, so please let me know what makes you run faster!

About Finola

I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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14 Responses to Half-Marathon Play List

  1. Jeff says:

    Here's acouple more that would fit in your playlist

    Foo Fighters – All My Life

    The Offspring – Hammerhead

  2. gryph says:

    How about:

    Arctic Monkeys – I bet you look good on the dancefloor

    Fall Out Boy – This ain't a scene, it's an arms race

    Fall Out Boy – Sugar we're going down

    Ramjam – Black Betty

    Radiohead – just

    Queens of the Stone Age – No One Knows

    Poe – Hey Pretty

    The Ramones – Spiderman theme

    Bif Naked – Tango Shoes

    I also have loaded some Franz Ferdinand, Elliott Brood, The Fratellis and Malajube. I was running to mostly Malajube tonight (not on shuffle) and ended with some Fall Out Boy (that made me push past the 40 minutes I'd programmed).

    I haven't had Tegan and Sara on my mp3 player lately, but that might be a good change up! 🙂

  3. JoeGirl says:

    Mr. Brightside is one of my Top 10 running songs for sure! Others include Lose Yourself (Eminem), Poker Face (Lady GaGa), Salomé (U2), American Boy (Estelle), Forca (Nelly Furtado)…

    Keep Running, Girl! ❤

  4. Finola says:

    Thanks for the suggestions Jeff, Jennifer and Joe (J-day)
    I love those Arctic Monkeys!
    Not sure about Lady Gaga though…I just don't think I can do it 🙂

  5. Nat says:

    Oooooh i love your running list. How much do I love the Clash on my running list and Metric… swooon.

    Lukin, Pearl Jam. (Trust me on this one.)
    Gone Daddy Gone, Violent Femmes or Gnarls Barkley (or both.)
    Still in Hollywood, Concrete Blonde.
    Bleed for Me, Dead Kennedys
    40 miles of Bad Road, Dead Moon

    just for starters… happy to send you my full list jsut let me know.

  6. Oh, this is an awesome idea for a post! I'm always hoping to have “perfect” music, but I really can never think of a song's name when I have to. Thanks!

  7. Finola says:

    Nat – I would love the rest of your playlist. Thanks!
    Julie – It always takes me a long time to think of songs. I found I kept having to email myself when I would think of a good one so that I would remember it later.

  8. LOVE your song selections Finola! I even said out loud “Oh Yeah!” as I read down the list. Hmmm…I'm an 80s gal at heart so perhaps Talking Heads “Psycho Killer” might be a nice addition? Here's a bit of a leap but I love my current workout song from the movie Inside Man (Clive Owen/Spike Lee) called “Chaiyya Chaiyya” It's a Bollywood song…have a listen and crank it up – it is energizing and addicting. We all dance around the kitchen when this comes on the ipod. It's impossible to sit still when it is on. 🙂 Here's the link. Happy training!  Laura


  9. XUP says:

    I don't listen to music when I run so I can't help you. I write blog posts in my head while I run and would find the music distracting. I'm glad you've got your marathon preparation priorities right, though!

  10. Finola says:

    Laura – I love Talking Heads AND Bollywood music. I watching the Youtube video right now. Great suggestions.
    Xup – I have composed blog posts on the treadmill before too. In fact my very first post was “written” entirely at Goodlife.

  11. Now I just need to actually go running, I guess. Better find me a place in your neighbourhood so you can peer pressure me into exercise! 😉

  12. vicky weiss says:

    what a great blog post. I cant run without music. ..so I know how imporant a playlist is. I love all the angry music. ..LOL…nickelback, nine inch nails, hedley, plus anything on the radio that is top 10. Im like a 16 year old. LOL

  13. Alison says:

    Finola, it's too late for your race this year… but my best song on my running playlist is seriously William Shatner's version of “Common People” (he had musical help from Ben Folds). I know… it's ridiculous, and I'm a bit embarrassed to own it. But it seriously makes me run on past my house if it's playing in the home stretch. You Tube it..

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