The CBC Said I Was Fat

If I tell all of you that I will run the half-marathon in May, will you kindly nag me to train for it?

To start off-topic just a little, two years ago when I went to pick up my 10K race kit on the Thursday before the Ottawa Race Weekend, I was stopped by a CBC radio reporter, whose name I have completely forgotten now. He asked me a few questions about what race I was running in, and how I had trained for my race. The story was supposed to air the following morning, and I was listening, hoping that if my voice were used, I wouldn’t sound completely foolish. Well I listened all morning, and I was never on. Ah well I thought.

A few months later when I was driving to work one morning, the CBC was doing a story about people who exercise regularly and yet are still considered to be obese. Imagine my surprise when the reporter mentioned me by my full name, and then my voice came on the air talking about how I liked to run at lunch with my running buddy from work. I was so surprised to hear my own voice out of the blue like that, that it took me a few minutes to even realize that I needed to be offended. The CBC had just implied that I was obese! Which I’m not by the way…well, I do hate my butt but don’t we all. And by the way, I sounded OK on the radio, my butt didn’t even sound fat at all.

So back to my point: I have run the 10K race as part of Ottawa’s Race Weekend in May quite a few times, but I have never done a half-marathon before. I’m pretty sure that I would like to try one this year, but I just have this terrible problem where I won’t actually put on my running shoes and go out the door and go for a run. I think there is a term for this, oh yes, inertia.

Last Saturday I ran about 8 km at a nice slow pace. I walked at the halfway point for a minute, but otherwise I ran the whole way. I really did enjoy my run, and I felt great afterwards. But here we are and it’s already a week later and my running shoes haven’t moved from the front door where I left them last Saturday, despite the fact that I had every intention of bringing my gear in to work and heading out along the canal at lunch a few days this week. So far I am not following an ideal training plan.

I used to work at MDS Nordion and they were the sponsors of the 10K during Ottawa Race Weekend. It was quite a big deal at work and a large number of employees were involved in all sorts of different ways, whether it was to be in one of the races, volunteering on race day, or fundraising. We even had the personal trainer from our on-site gym do speed training sessions for whoever was interested at lunch. It was truly fun and motivating to be caught up in the energy, and motivation is a really key part of training.

Now I work downtown and no longer have access to all of this motivation and I have been having a hard time, so I have just set up a meeting with the trainer I used to know at Nordion, who has done a lot of running herself. My goals are: 1) To complete the half-marathon in May, preferably in under two hours, but I think that time may not be achievable for me (there I go already setting my bar low). 2) To work on overall strength, particularly core strength 3) To participate again in this year’s Riverkeeper canoe relay triathlon with Tony. In this race we canoe together for 5K, he bikes 20K, and then I run 5K. We really had a good time doing this together last year with our girls cheering for us on the side.

I am writing about all of this so that I become accountable to someone. Since I left my job in Kanata, I haven’t found another running partner who has the same goals and schedule as I have. So now that I have told you, you can all be my running buddies. Now that I have told you, I will really have to do this.

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I am an Ottawa area Mom, writer-want-to-be and coffee legend in the making.
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11 Responses to The CBC Said I Was Fat

  1. Nat says:

    I think I am doing the half in May. Pretty sure … I'm SLOW… VERY slow… so the goal is to break 2:30 but we will see.

    There are running groups that leave out of the running rooms every Sunday morning at 8:30… I also find posting a schedule on my fridge helps. Keeps me honest and I can highlight the workout when they are done.

  2. gryph says:

    The Ottawa Running Club runs on Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings, accessibly. And there's me (and my running partner) as well – we're slow though. We do 30 minute runs during Monday and Friday noonhours and usually Sunday near to noonish (so we can get up like civilized people – at 9-10am). We're hoping to start adding time to our runs too. I'd like to run the 10K in May. 🙂

  3. gryph says:

    Oh, and fiddle to the CBC! Silly reporter misrepresenting your fitness level!

  4. wow – that is inspiring! Running a half marathon is HUGE (no fat joke implied). I hope you find a good running buddy, that will make it more enjoyable. p.s. sounds like the CBC reporter was desperate for a story and had to add your voice for filler. What a meanie.

  5. Finola says:

    Nat – I would probably be finishing around the same time as you. I'll be looking for you!

    Jennifer – Is the Ottawa Running Club the one out of Bridgehead? And you will totally be able to do the 10K by May! I may well join you if I flunk out on the half.

    MM- Do you run?? 🙂

  6. lol No I do not run, I'm more of a walker and I do have gym membership…somewhere. I lack the willpower and drive to run so my hat's off to you. Way to go Finola!

  7. Jenn N (fellow former Nordion employee/avid 10K supporter) says:

    You go girl! I ran it in 2005 – and you know how I am not built to be a runner – it was A LOT of training. I admire your drive! The Running Room Guide was a big help (it has the training tables for distance and *target* time). I believe it says to start training in February, so only 5 more days for those shoes to sit idle!!! LUCK!

  8. Finola says:

    Jenn – I don't think I knew that you had done the half before. Would you do it again?
    February, huh. OK, I'm on it 🙂

  9. gryph says:

    Yup, it's the one out of Bridgehead. I would consider it, but it's way too early for me on Sunday morning… 😉

  10. Huh, he said you were obsese? And here I was trying not to get too attached to you because you look so damn skinny in your profile picture and it's bad for my health to hang out with skinny people. So maybe there is hope for us yet. 🙂

  11. Finola says:

    Julie – Just my head is skinny, apparently 🙂

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